Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life dump

Last month I attended the western regional political science conference in Seattle where I presented a paper and served as a discussant and chair for a panel on media in politics. I had a great time even though it was a work conf.

The best part was when my very first graduate school advisor, Dr. Clawson showed up for my panel. I was SO happy. Even better was that I was presenting a research project I started in here class about 7 years ago. So either good research takes a LONG TIME, or I am terribly slow. I hope it's the former. Here is a picture of us afterwards, both so happy! She had such a big impact on my graduate career and what I do now. It was awesome to see her and tell her so.  

Lots of other good stuff happened too, like i went on a ferry boat and met some cool people. 

Next update, I went to the beach in San Clemente 2 weekends ago and saw all (minus 1) of my former Huntington Beach roommates. We planned this mini reunion and it was so great to see everyone. Three of my former roomies are pregnant. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It's crazy. But I'm so happy for them. Also, can you tell if any are pregnant from these photos? YOU CANt. Because all of these babes are too fit. Knock it off, right?

Finally, last weekend I was babysitting my friends puppy and got locked in her bathroom. The deadbolt for the bathroom broke and there was quite seriously no way to get out. Fortunately I had a friend over on the outside so I wasn't all alone. But we still had to call the (very good looking) Beverly Hills fire department to rescue me. 

Finally, here is a photo of myself, wesley and melissa, my LA church crew, modeling at church, a typical church activity for us. 

It's been a very busy month of April, I'm hoping May is much less exciting so I can get some work done.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

we bocced

last weekend my friend wesley organized some bocce ball at her neighborhood bocce park in the cool town of beverly hills.

i loved it! i was pretty good when the "jack" was at longer distances as opposed to close distances. so much fun. got me excited for summer.