Tuesday, December 17, 2013

everywhere you look…

there's a heart (theres a heart), a hand to hold on tooooooo…

that is the chorus from the theme song from Full House! remember? there weren't a lot of tv shows i enjoyed as a kid. but Full House was one that I waited for every day after school.

and that's why i was so star struck when the other night at a friends' work holiday party i saw Teddy, michelle's best friend, from Full House.

his real name is Tahj, and he was the nicest, and most fun person, ever. he and his date and me and my friend wesley spent time in the dysfunctional Photo Booth trying to capture a good one, but because it wasn't working properly the best we got is below, ha.

but here is another pic, i think we were going for sultry? anyways, he's done tons of acting since Full House, but it was like starring into my childhood hanging out with him. so fun. just another perk to living in LA.

wes, mere, aj, tahj