Wednesday, September 18, 2013

be awesome!

just what i need to get me excited for the new school year. THANKS kid president!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

local natives

alright, in the interest of a quick post so as to appease any friends and family wondering if i have given up on this blog (i havent) i want to do a quick post about a concert i went to last night, at The Greek, in Los Angeles.

the band is Local Natives, and i must admit i had only heard OF them (bc my friends are music snobs) but never actually heard their stuff. but when a friend offered to get my ticket i said OKAY SURE! now that i live far from LA proper i will take any opportunity to go back and visit.

the band members are California natives, and newly popular, and so this show was really special for them.. it was their biggest venue yet, and it front of friends and family that helped them get to where they are now. it was actually really touching.. they kept thanking the crowd, and were oh so humble, which is a characteristic i like in my celebs.

their music is strange for those accustomed to top 40 (me), but i loved it.

we had front row seats, so we got some awesome photos. it's amazing what can be done with smoke and lights (and mirrors??). here are some of my favorites.