Friday, June 28, 2013

life update

i did it again! a lapse in posts! MY POOR AVID READERS.

i prefer to write longer posts about specific things (political events, kanye west) but im going to do another photo dump and life update for those interested parties.  and i know that my punctuation and capitalization is inconsistent throughout, deal wit it.

May was a bust month. i finished up at Chapman U. and officially started my summer. this is me with 2 of my students, out to dinner to celebrate our senior, nataja, on the right.

Matt came to visit and we did all the things you can do in newport beach. well, lots of things. we went paddle boarding, to downtown disney, where i owned the boxing game and saw comedian Chris Delia at the Irvine Improv. i would recommend his stand up to anyone. HILARIOUS. he's insane. but in a funny way.

bound for balboa and paddle boarding

Rhyll and Brandon, good friends of mine from Huntington Beach days, got hitched in May, and it was awesome to see all my old friends, and have us all together again. it was such a fun night.

My mom came to town, in June for about a week. From cloudy Idaho, unfortunately, to a somewhat cloudy Newport Beach.

My best friend since we were 10, Sara, a MD in Seattle, is about to move to a Native American Reservation in New Mexico, so I went to see her in Seattle to send her off! We didn't even deliberately visit the iconic gum wall, but i thought it would be a good (albeit disgusting) photo backdrop. Sara is on the right. Tabrina in the middle is also our friend from Idaho, now living in Seattle.

Gum Wall, Seattle, WA
Almost done! But I can't ignore that my closest friend here in Orange County moved this week, to SLC Utah. Its so sad!!! But we had a great party to wish her farewell. She's the blonde in the center getting mauled with love.
miss you, Ashlee! 
Last, I went to some Whittier College friends' new place in Long Beach and met their little pup, Hadley, incidentally a street that we used to cross daily while at Whittier. Cute name! Amazing pup. My face is pure joy! the lil girl was attacking me with puppy kisses.

Alright! update complete. July is upon us, and my summer vacation is underway. I'll update more often, I promise for reals this time. xoxo gg