Monday, January 21, 2013

2013. whoa!

so its 2013. this post marks the longest gap in my blog posts, to date. forgive me, avid readers (dad).

the last 2 months have been the worst. as i've complained about here, before, i was teaching four different classes at 3 different universities, and after thanksgiving it was crunch time for grading, and thus what little was left of my recreational life, was goodbyeeeee.

then it was the holidays, and i know people love the holidays, but i just hate the holidays. i love seeing my family, and had a great time doing so, so that is a plus! but i hate the travel, the shopping, the gifting, the traffic and the merriment (lol jk) associated with them.

my time at home was short, but way fun. we spent a few nights putting together old lego models! that really makes me (kind of) like the holidays, more.

After christmas it was straight to Orlando for a conference, where I presented a paper for a book chapter that I have been working on, in what little free time i had. i was in Orlando barely 2 days, but thought it was cool! i stayed at the coolest hotel, the Peabody, which is unexplainably obsessed with ducks, and even has a duck march everyday, when wild ducks march out on a red carpet to an indoor fountain designed specifically for them to play in. HILARIOUS. im a big fan of ducks, now.

quack attack.

as soon as the conference ended i shuffled myself home for a few days of interview prep for a tenure track job interview at Cal State San Bernardino, and then just as quickly started the winter semester at Cal Poly Pomona, where I am an adjunct professor. 

the interview at Cal State San Bernardino went really well. I was pleasantly surprised by the campus, the community, the students and the university administration and support. I got along with the dean so well! it was a good experience. 

turns out, contrary to my previous post, there are not a lot of cows in San Bernardino. 

anyways, i got a call from them last weekend, offering me a job! i felt a lot of emotions. first, relief. as is probably made clear in the majority of my posts, being an adjunct professor is so so trying. ive only had to do it 1 semester (and now 1 more), but it has worn me down, so bad. the commute is obviously hard, as is teaching more than 3 classes. but so is dealing with different student cultures, administrative staff, and online grading/emailing/attendance software/programs. i am RELIEVED that this experience will be the exception of my professorial career, instead of the rule. next i felt joy! there is so much more i can accomplish career-wise, as a tenure faculty professor. there is stability, and resources, and status, and balance, because you are expected not only to teach (as adjuncts are responsible for doing) but also to do research, and publish (which departments do not support for adjuncts). so i can now make time for not only my teaching ambitions, but also my research agenda which has been on the back burner since my graduation. last, im really happy i will get to stay in southern california. I know most of my LA friends will bemoan the san bernardino valley as hardly so cal, but i am ecstatic. i'll still be able to visit my friends who live closer to the coast, while having a job that will afford me a few luxuries (like a frontloading washer/dryer?!?! a gal can dream). 

 oh, i still have only 2 cats, because its possible a few readers were worried i had added more. here they are, cute as ever. 

cat stack.
alright, well this should about catch this blog up on my life. ill be back to more frequent posts, now, so dont be a stranger. 

xoxo mere