Wednesday, August 15, 2012

job search, round 2

its that time again. at the risk of public failure round 2, i will be posting the universities to which i am applying, on my blog; its a fun way to help my parents and friends keep track of where i am applying.

this fall i will be adjuncting at California Lutheran, Chapman University, and USC. one of the perks of adjuncting in socal is that there are a billion schools in need of adjuncting. the down sides are too numerous to list. NEVERTHELESS i am excited to be apart of all three of those prestigious and active departments.

but i certainly dont want to be an adjunct for the rest of my life. so here are the schools i have applied to (i will continue to update as i apply):

Seattle University!

Seattle U and I would make a good couple. they are looking for something who is methodologically diverse, and GIRLFRIEND ive gathered data more ways than most. plus i think i would like living there. its close enough to home (around 8 hours) and i have some good friends who already call it home!


when i was an undergraduate my volleyball team at Whittier played Lewis & Clark. I remember my coach thought we would roll over them bc its a really selective liberal arts college and apparently nerds aren't good athletes? WRONG. they stomped us.
my brother lives here, and has for a while now. he likes it. my mom would probably like to have both her kids in the same city. i would love it bc its a cool, hip town, with dogs and monsters and coastal access. and the job is also rad. they want someone who studies the presidency, IM YOUR GIRL. this job is probably my no 1. dont tell anyone.

New College of Florida, Sarasota, FL

ive actually never understood why schools choose the "new school" moniker. my friends and i in grad school always joked that we would start a "newer" school. we are hilarious.

Cal State San Bernardino


alright, i'll continue to update this as i apply for jobs.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

City by the Bay

Last weekend I went and visited Matt in SF. The weather was perfect! Here are a few photos of my trip.

Monday, August 6, 2012

bang bang is 2!

my little nugget is 2 years old today.

she doesn't really like her bday present...

i just love her. she's the best.

happy birthday kitty cat!