Thursday, June 28, 2012

bachelorette weeks 6 and 7

so my commentary on the bachelorette is a bit delayed, but will nonetheless be insightful and fully accurate. so here i go...

Week 6 was mostly notable because of ryan, whom i have deemed "sheer shirt." he is certifiably insane, and it became more and more apparent, during week 6. First, his attire. when the guys arrived in wherever they are eastern europe, he showed up in this:

i actually think its on backwards. well, I HOPE its on backwards. because any shirt MADE to fit/look like this was a huge huge mistake. next wardrobe malfunction came when he was selected for a one-on-one date with emily when, I SWEAR TO YOU, he wore SWEATPANTS.

as if that wasn't bad enough, when dinner rolled around, he wore turquoise slip on "dress" shoes. i think these three garment choices, within one week, demonstrate insanity.

ryan wearing sweatpants during the day, and then later on in his turquoise slip ons, at dinner.
But that's not all the evidence of his insanity that i have compiled..
his behavior and the things he says also suggest he is insane. on the boat, he pretty much demanded emily swallow the raw oyster they caught, as she looked away in fear...
gagging re: oyster? or ryan...
but the most hilarious/insane stuff, is what he says...

"This may be the woman that God has chosen for ME."
"You're like a trophy wife. every man should believe his wife is a trophy."
"She is definitely going to be someone's trophy wife, and I have a pretty good chance at her being mine."
"im not sweatin' the rose."

...and BOOM, he doesn't get the rose. GOD BLESS Emily for telling him she's not interested in him... but that didn't stop Ryan from then going on and on to her that she was making the wrong decision. it was the first time in bachelor/ette history that ive ever seen someone try and filibuster his/her way out of getting the boot... leave it to ryan.

...and then muscle man dad has one of his manic 'roid episodes, talking about his son...
so many tears. but he's still in the game. 

alright, so with ryan out of the picture we are left with the following guys, going into week 7:

muscle man dad, doug
jef one eff
arie speed racer
normal sean
john wolfner whom i dont think i've ever even mentioned
chris/gary sinise

week 7 is in prague, sans lil baggage ricky, yet the dates still include puppet shows, and castles. KID STUFF. oh well.

okay, so first emily goes on the date with john "wolf" wolfner. i really don't think i have even mentioned him. but he is a good looking guy! he just didnt have a gimmick, like an ostrich egg, skateboard, steroid addiction, etc., so he stayed off my radar. but he and emily have a lackluster date around prague.

AND THEN IN THE MOST AWKWARD MOMENT IN BACHELORETTE HISTORY... dad 'roid rage who has been oddly stand-off-ish since the beginning FINALLY leans in and gives emily a kindergarten type kiss IN THE MIDDLE OF HER BREAKING UP WITH HIM. i died a little for him.

it was so awkward i tried to turn it into an animated gif. turns out making a gif is hard work! so i'll just leave it to the professionals:
funny rocking kitten gif

OKAY, so back to the show.  ugh this is getting boring. so i will fast forward...

gary sinise freaks the eff out at the rose ceremony, but emily likes that kind of thing so john wolf whom ive never mentioned until this blog post, gets sent home and the following guys have HOMETOWN dates, next week:

jef one eff, in UTAH
arie speed racer, in Scottsdale, AZ
normal sean, somewhere in the midwest, probs
gary sinise/chris, Chicago?

i still think jef is going to be her final pick. but more and more i like her and normal sean together!! gary sinise is barely hanging on, he is definitely the next to go home. as for arie, i think they are good together, but her relationships with sean and jef seem to be moving faster, the past few weeks.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

{ father's day }

im one hell of a lucky girl to have this dad. 

he is a lot of things: an encyclopedia, an athlete, a coach, a teacher, a photographer, a story teller, and a Tetris master. 

...and by this point in my life he has been to a million graduations. below is my whittier undergrad graduation, and then my phd hoodin'. 

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DAD! fortunately, no more graduations for me.... but i'll probably still be borrowing money a few more years... wink! I LOVE YOU, DAD!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

[ moving day ]

i'm moving here, today!
Newport Beach, CA
 i feel like i've been packing for a lifetime. i've only been in my current place for 15 months, and yet ive accumulated so much stuff in that short amount of time--a new table, a free (borrowed) desk, 2 cats etc etc. it will feel great to get it all into my new place.

look how sad BangBang is...

i am going to miss Pasadena, too! i have really loved it! a few of my favorite spots to grub: Mi Piace, My Vegan, Haven, 21 Choices; in case you ever visit Old Towne.

my new spot will be a nice change, though. it will be the first time in 2 years that i will have more than one room, ha. ive really enjoyed living alone in my fancy studios, but this next term in my life with be with a roommate, in a cool town home! i always said i would never ever have a roommate again unless it was a cat or a husband--not because of bad roommate experiences in the past (in fact ive always has awesome/amazing/pretty/funny roommates) but mostly because i felt like i was too old to have a roommate.

my new roommate is actually a really old friend, Rachael. we met in Santa Barbara, CA, years ago. here we are with our fake girl band, Sour Patch Kids for Breakfast, in 2007. She is in the red pants.

below, this us at Christine and Paul's wedding, in SLC. I think it was 2009. CHRISTINE, let me know if I am off.

Christine was also in our fake band, ha. She is the babe on my right, above. The fourth band member is Alison. I've stayed really good friends with all these guys; while life in SB was really stressful for me, as I was trying to get through grad school, and hold multiple jobs, these cool cats were a huge part of why I look back on that time with major fondness.

hopefully Newport Beach will be a nice/happy change. i will obviously keep this blog posted. byeeee!

Monday, June 11, 2012


the last time i updated my blog with bachelorette trash was episode 3. so i have some catching up to do. but by now the true colors of the guys are starting to come out... and a lot of these guys are boring beyond any belief.

the most boring of all is Sean--I referred to him in the past as so normal he sells insurance. well, i shouldn't have relegated him to the periphery so quickly... turns out Emily thinks he is the perfect man, and that he would be the perfect husband. AND HE IS STOKED, PSYCHED, EXCITED.


he is apart of what Arie (race car guy) has aptly started calling "the football team." these are the guys that have muscles for DAYS. and coincidentally, Sean played D1 football in college.

the other football players are:
Ryan (sheer shirt)
Chris (Tim Curry)
Doug (weird dad)

Ryan is crazy. like, he scares me kind of crazy.

episode 4 he kept talked about how he was put on this earth to serve a greater purpose. and he also told Emily that she's been put in a position to be an example for girls all over the world, as the bachelorette.. his exact words were"Just because you're the center of attention doesn't mean you're worthy."
it was all so weird, and very preacher man. i hated it. he should start a church, instead of be on the bachelorette. also, does he have hair plugs?

next, poor Chris. PS, ive decided he looks more like Gary Sinise than Tim Curry.

he is falling victim to what always happens to the first guy that gets a one-on-one date, which he did; so it goes, you move fast out of the gate, but then it stalls, and usually doesn't get back up off the ground.

last football guy: Doug is a wack daddy that definitely does steroids, and has probably taken court ordered anger management classes.

the week 5 one-on-one date was with one eff Jef. his voice is so soothing. i think he and sean-boresville are at the top of her list right now. followed by Arie. I don't think the other guys really have a chance, at this point.

okay, let me just cover some noteworthy exits from week 4 and 5.

Nate, 25, Los Angeles

POOR NATE. he didn't have a lot to say, and seemed really nervous. but at one point he GOT SO EXCITED, and that was when dinner came... and he said "OH, ITS QUIN-NO-AH. HAVE YOU GUYS EVER HAD QUIN-NO-AH?? ITS HIGH IN FIBER!" oh. my. gosh. i rolllled off my couch with laughter, as I heard this 25 year old californian mispronounce quinoa. but then i went to to get the correct pronunciation and it turns out quin-oh-uh is a secondary pronunciation. so whos the dummy now??? STILL NATE, CONFORM IDIOT!!!

Kalon, 27, Houston

Kalon is the guy who showed up in a helicopter, at one point told Emily to stop talking, and called Doug a bad father for leaving his 12 yr old son to come on the show. also, he 24/7 looks like he is wearing a tube of Carmex. well, he hasn't stopped running his stupid, waxy mouth, and in ep. 5 he said emily's daughter, Ricki, was "baggage." to which Emily responded with her mama-instinctual rage and told him to "GET THE F%*K OUT."

less note-worthy exits: Michael long hair, Charlie head trauma, and Alejandro mushroom farmer.

k, to recap:

Ryan Sheer Shirt is on the verge of a mental breakdown; Jef one eff is rising to the top, along with boring Sean; Doug the dad is also about to lose it. THE END!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

music covers that make me smile

a few nights ago a friend blogged a video of a cover of the jason mraz song i was swooning over here not too long ago, by two sisters. these girls are 8 and 12, and simultaneously make me smile and angry, haha. they are darling and pretty dang talented. so that video is below, a long with a few other heart-warming music covers by family duos that i've swooned over, over the years.

sisters singing "I Won't Give Up" original by Jason Mraz

daddy daughter duo--Jorge and Alexa Narvaez "Home" original by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

school choir "Rolling in the Deep" original by Adele

cimorreli, this like weird cloned family of sisters singing "You and I" original by Lady Gaga