Thursday, May 31, 2012

bachelorette week 3


this week on the bachelorette, emily sent 3 guys packing... and she got rid of 2 of these guys even before the rose ceremony. she "takes this process very seriously" in case you didn't know, and isn't going to mess around.

but before the eliminations... the dates...

i had a hunch that this season was going to be really different---she's a mother, and on Brad's season was particularly sensitive about doing anything that might make her look like a bad mom. normal bachelor/ette drama, such as sandalous hot tub scenes and international travel, didn't make it into episode 1-3. instead, the men have been subject to (1) baking cookies for her daughter's soccer team, (2) playing with kids at a playground and (3) getting grilled by Emily's mom-harem about being a father.

i actually think it makes for okay television--but definitely weird and awkward. there is a lot of performing going on--i suppose thats what a lot of what dating is--for example, these guys are using the dates at the playground to convince Emily they are good with kids/like kids/kids like them. their behavior seems so manufactured! but it is television, after all.

this week was weird because 2 of the eliminations were exceptionally awkward. first, the dad from beaverton, OR was all tears, because he was missing his son. this is the guy that looks like bambi--and i dont think the uber-emotional tears helped his image.

Tony's "sweetheart" exit
in a tear-filled exchange, emily rubbed his back, and called him "sweetheart" as she told him she didn't want to keep him from his son anymore, and thus sent him packing.

the next painful-to-watch elimination was Alessandro's. after describing himself as a "gypsy king" (n. meaning to have no obligations, and total freedom to do whatever you want, include date your cousins) to Emily's mom-haren, he later on talked to Emily about being a dad. as he described raising Emily's daughter Ricky as a "compromise" Emily's face went from confused to angry in seconds... and that was it! she told him goodbye. they weren't a good fit, anyways. look at this guy's hair! he's 30 years old--lose the "Bieber sweep," sir!

Alessandro, the gypsy king
and finally, at the rose ceremony it was see ya, Stevie, Party MC (HOW SURPRISING). but before he left he did get in some dance moves on the show...

alright, so that's all i have to report from episode 3.

but i still think its arie and jef til the end. and i have my own suspicions that she chooses jef. its just a dumb theory, but at some sort of junket/PR thing in Los Angeles, the local news team here had a correspondent interview her. and since she can't say who she picks, the correspondent had to get a little creative with his questioning.. he asked her a series of "bests" about the guys, such as "who has the best body?" (Sean), "who is the most romantic?" (Arie), "who has the best eyes"" (Arie), and who has the best best sense of humor?" (Jef). then, at the very end the correspondent asked her what it takes to win her heart, and to make her happy, and she said "i just want someone who can make me laugh at the end of the day." sooo, that is why i think its Jef--because she said he has the best sense of humor. sure, its not totally sound rationale for my suspicion, but that's as gumshoe as ima get about this terrible/entertaining show.
xoxo gg

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Happy memorial day! I spent mine on the beaches of Playa Del Ray getting an impressive sunburn.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

boswer turns 1

today is baby bowser's 1st birthday. !

he has gotten so big and fluffy!! 

he is named after BOWSER, king of the koopas, from Mario World. both bowsers are enormous, have red hair, and have an underbite. never was there more appropriate name for a cat (unless you know a cat named "cat").

its hard to believe that this huge monster used to be this tiny little bebe.

baby bowser
bowser is the 2nd from the right getting squished by his 4 siblings

but if you'll look closely at his paws in this picture of him as a kitten, below (just woke from a nap, and grumpy for days) youll see that i knew he was going to be a BIG FRIGGIN BOY. so i cant be mad that he is now twice the size of bangbang. for the record, bangbang is still the tougher of the 2.

bowser is the funniest kitten in the world, and such a weirdo. i love having him around the house. if he wasn't so furry and prone to shedding i would wish for 4 more bowsers. but instead he will do.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

one word!

DO PEOPLE DO THESE ANYMORE? well, i was looking at my friend's blog posts under the category "narcissism" and came across this... 

Not as easy as you might think! Now forward, change the answers to suit you, and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Be sure to send back to the person from whom you received it!

Where is your cell phone? bed
Do you have a significant other? cats
Your hair? down
Your mother? smart
Your favorite thing? naps
Your dream last night? highschool
Your favorite drink? water
What room are you in? studio!
Your fear? papercuts
Where do you want to be in six years? office
Where were you last night? pool
Something that you aren't? content
Muffins? cake
Wish list item? monster
Last thing you did? hottub
What are you wearing? tee
Your pets? meow
Friends? cute
Your life? transitioning
Your mood? anxious
Missing someone? nah
Drinking? water
Your car? volov
Something you're not wearing? socks
Your favorite store? internet
Your favorite color? green
When is the last time you cried? april
Where do you go over and over? bed
Five people who email me regularly? dad, mom, caroline, matt, shauna
My favorite place to eat? gratitude
Favorite place I'd like to be right now? home
Four people I think will respond? nahhhh

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the bachelorette (kill me now)

back by popular demand (lol 3 friends requested), i will be updating my blog with ABC's the BACHELORETTE recaps!

this season's bachelorette is Emily Maynard, the contestant from Brad Womack's (2nd) season. Brad was the first bachelor (in 2007) to not pick anyone--he rejected all the gurlz!. They then let him BACK in 2011 and he picked Emily. 

SHOCKER: they didnt work out. And now she's running the show, this season. 

Emily is the 26 year old southern, single mother, who lost her fiance, and the father of her unborn child, in a plane crash. according to sources, her fiance comes from one of the wealthiest race car families in the country--that helps explain her huge house in Charlotte, NC; and fortunately helps to take care of her little girl, Ricki!! so its not like she's trying to get married to find a sugar daddy for her and Ricki. she's in it for LOVE!

i would say that Emily and i are not very similar--she's southern, she's a mom, and she's pretty straight forward. with that, it makes sense that im not particularly attracted to the majority of the guys they selected for her. 

BUT LIKE, no matter who the girl is... REALLY??! with this guy?? this is Stevie the "party MC."

Stevie, 26, Party MC

Soul patch? Check!  
get this, if he could be any person in the world, he would be Justin Timberlake for a day. and i'm guessing its the N'SYNC Justin he's thinking of. 

alright, so here are some other note worthy guys... 

Doug, 33, Realtor
Doug got the first-impression rose, meaning he got the first rose Emily gave out this season. he has a 12 year old son, and brought Emily a note from his son. i dont think he is particularly good-looking, and i dont think he will last that long in the show, despite getting the first rose. he has huge arms. 

Ryan, 31, Celebrity Trainer
Jawline? Check. 
Ryan wears sheer tees...i've seen 2 sheer tees, already and its only episode 2! below is his turquoise sheer tee. he probably also wears jeans with thick, white, stitching, and rhinestones.  
he got the first one-on-one date, and she expressed that she thinks he's TOO perfect. so she does think he is really good-looking (barf). and i think he will last a while.

Chris, 25, Sales Director

Chris is a nice dude, i guess. she also told him she thinks he is really really good-looking. but i think he looks like Tim Curry. and definitely older than 25. but she's really into him.

TIm Curry

Jef, 27, Entrepreneur 
Jef is cute, and sweet, and in my opinion has the best style of the bunch. she is SOOOO into him. he didn't do anything noteworthy on the group date on Episode 2 and she gave him the rose. it seems like she's kind of chasing him, instead of the other way around. things look good for Jef one eff! 

Kalon, 27, Luxury Brand Consultant 

Kalon is this season's villain. instead of coming to the house in a limo, he came in a helicopter. he likes to talk about his money, and gets into disagreements with all of the guys. he's one of those pickers.. he picks picks picks until someone bites, and then they get into it. he is TERRIBLE. barf. 

Arie, 30, Race Car Driver
Arie is beautiful. the fact that he is a race car driver, like her ex-dead-fiance, IS INSANE, i know. but i want him and her to be together. and if she passes him up? Ima go to Scottsdale, AZ and find him. Although, according to this report, he was arrested in 2008. but Emily likes a bad boy, like Brad, in my opinion. so i think his criminal record helps his case. 

there are a few other guys left... Charlie, the guy with the head injury and admittedly a lil slow; Alejandro the Colombian mushroom farmer of the bunch; Alessandro the Brazilian of the bunch, Michael, the guy with hair longer than mine, John, the guy who used a homophobic slur already on air, Tony, the lumber-trader/father-of-one with crazy-long eyelashes and terrible jeans, and regular guy Sean. Sean is just so regular, he sells insurance. 

that is a lot of dudes. 

in the end i definitely think it will be Jef or Arie. TBD!! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

{ janie }

happy mother's day, MOM!!!! youre the prettiest, smartest, funnest mom there ever was.

my birth, birthday!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Yesterday, George Clooney had a star-studded fundraiser for president Obama at his home in Los Angeles. Apparently, record amounts of money were raised, which I am certain was urged on by Obama's official remarks this week in support of gay marriage.

Well, the media, in their ever-so-clever fashion, called the event at Clooney's "Starmaggedon" because of the number of celebrities expected to be in attendance, and the expected effects on traffic in and around Clooney's neighborhood.

...and this got me thinking... in the wake of CARmaggedon, is the media on the verge of losing possible "maggedon" titled events??? This could signal the end of the news media establishment, entirely! Well, fortunately, there are still some maggedon happenings not yet tapped...  Below, I've provided a laudry-list of unused maggedon-worthy events.

Darma-ggedon: in the event that Darma from "Darma & Greg" snaps, and goes on a killing spree in Hollywood, DARMAggedon will serve as the PERFECT title for the event.

Farmaggedon: in the event that farms everywhere stop farming, we will have a FARMageddon on our hands.

Jarmaggedon: in the event we run out of jars!!

Varmaggedon: in the event that varmint mutate into radically intelligent beings, and form an army with the intention of hunting humans.

OK, thats enough for now. I don't want to give all of my ideas away. But if you have any "maggedon" suggestions of your own, please pass them along.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

disneyland or bust

this weekend i was at DISNEYLAND! with shauna and a bunch of kids.

this is the littlest girl giving her pink Dumbo a hug

when i was a kid my parents took us to disneyland a couple of times; we drove all the way from idaho! i loved it.

wow, i was so stylish as a child!!
my dad and i, on the Dumbo ride. im pretty skeptical looking in this photo. 

 when i went back to disneyland as a 19 year old, years later after starting school in Los Angeles, i was so let down! it was nothing like i remembered (obviously).

so going back with little kids this time was fun--we didnt go on the big "scary" rides, but i had a good time!

reverse roles! im now the adult on Dumbo, with the confused looking child!
this time around with all the kids in tow, we also went on mr. toad's wild ride which was my favorite when i was a kid, peter pan, and the new Toy Story stuff, among other things.

this is shauna and i, at the end of the long, but fun day.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

all my ex's live in texas

all my ex's do not in fact, live in texas...

but have you ever listened to the lyrics of the song with this title, by George Strait? of course you haven't; if you read my blog it is 90% certain you do NOT like country music.

well, since you've probably never heard it, he details the names of his ex's, and where they are in texas, and one reason associated with each ex for why he cant go back...

"All my ex's live in Texas
And Texas is the place I'd dearly love to be
But all my ex's live in Texas
And that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee

Rosanna's down in Texarkana
Wanted me to push her broom
Sweet Eileen's in Abilene
She forgot I hung the moon
And Allison's in Galveston
Somehow lost her sanity
And Dimple's who now lives in Temple's
Got the law looking for me"

Well, I've got plenty of ex's (evidence below)... And while each relationship was totally complicated and multifaceted, in retrospect i understand the reason each failed to be boiled down to one, neat cause... I think we all do it..."shes crazy, he cant commit, his mom hated me, she doesnt speak english (lol jk)..." etc etc. I'm not saying George Strait is a relationship guru; I'm saying his song just describes what we all do, once a relationship has ended.

I think it's unfortunate. But I hope all my ex's explain our relationship demise like this: "she was just too awesome to handle." ... Id also accept "she loved napping more than me."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

adieu !

today is the last day i will be in my occidental office, for office hours. i cant believe i have been here for 2 entire years. i feel like i was just getting the hang of this place, and its unique student body. ive learned a lot, and will take it all with my to the next spot.. but one thing that wont change is taking my own photo at my desk, on a regular basis...

adieu, oxy tigers! <3

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Snow White and the Seven Hipsters

are we still making fun of hipsters? 

it doesnt really matter.

but, does anyone else think male hipsters bear an uncanny resemblance to Snow White's Dwarfs? The twins below took me like 2 seconds to find, so i think YEA im onto something. HOLLYWOOD, CALL ME.