Thursday, September 29, 2011


in 2004 i had an internship in London, where i met three radical ladies, who also had internships across the pond. we lived in the same south kensington flat, and kept one another happy and sane.

this is us in 2004 at a christmas party we threw at our flat. it was a dress up party. cait is an elf, megan an angel, im snow (im wearing a sheet, clearly lacking creativity at this moment) and em was a sugar plum fairy.

we have all since spread out around the country. cait is in orlando, megan is in chicago, i am in los angeles, and emily is in boston. cait is engaged, and em is married. i have cats. megan and cait work in finance. em is a fierce red sox fan, and cait bleeds yankee blood. we are all pretty unique, but we get along so well, and i am happy to have them in my life.

tomorrow we are going to reunite in chicago. its just what i need!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

best vegetarian lasagna

i was looking for a good vegetarian lasagna that wasn't chock full of broccoli or eggplant. no offense to either one of those vegetables, they are so good (and good for you!!) but i was going for savory and cheesy, as opposed to broccoli-y.

AND I FOUND THE RECIPE DREAMS ARE MADE OF.  the result is the delicious lasagna you see, above. if you want to try it out, here is the recipe:


10 oz frozen chopped spinach
a handful of parmesan cheese
15 oz ricotta cheese
16 oz mozzarella cheese
5 slices garlic
2 cups milk
1/4 cup butter
1 tsp salt
28 oz spaghetti sauce
Lasagna noodles
1/4 cup flour


microwave the spinach for about 3 minutes
boil water and cook the lasagna noodles
grate the mozzarella 
stir together the spinach and ricotta and the parm
preheat the oven to 350 degrees

cook the white sauce:
in a saucepan, melt the butter on medium
add the garlic
add the flour and salt
add the milk a little bit at a time, keep stirring, it should be thickening up REAL GOOD
you can remove it from the stove when its fluffy and smooth. you can add some parm, too, if you want.

get started: 
in your glass pan, spread a thin layer of spaghetti sauce
cover with a layer of noodles
add dollops of spinach mixture over the noodles
spoon the white sauce over the spinach mixture
sprinkle mozzarella cheese, like whoa
add a bit of sauce
AGAIN with the noodles
and the spinach mixture
and the white sauce
sprinkle the mozzarella cheese
add spaghetti sauce layer
then more noodles
spaghetti sauce
use remaining mozzarella and some parmesan if you want

BAKE for 30 minutes at 350


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

primary season

the race for presidential nominee(s) comes earlier and earlier every year. this year, for repubs, i feel like newt started it. which sucks for everyone. for candidates, who have to spend (waste?) their resources well before the general election, and sucks for you and i, because we have to listen to a myriad of politicians cut each other down for month and months.

but early primary coverage may not suck for the opposition, Obama, as there are a lot of theories which suggest the more competitive the primary, the less likely the candidate emerging can win, given the insults and criticisms that have been thrown at the "winner" from his/her own party for months (run-on sentence). i think Obama would do well to ignore what is going on, and just be president.

but im not blogging to give advice to Obama (who is most definitely reading this blog). instead i thought i would just blog some of my thoughts about the current pack of republican candidate hopefuls, and maybe make a few predictions...

and here they are--some of them!! bachmann, romney, paul, huntsman, gingrich, perry, santorum, and cain.

the actual VOTING wont start until february and will run through june. but we all know the victorious candidate usually emerges well before june...

and so who is it going it be??

as ive blogged before, moderates dont win primary nominations.  well, i dont think there is a moderate in this whole bunch.  maybe huntsman. but he is a relative unknown... i suppose mitt would be considered moderate, given his tenure as the gov of liberal MA, "RomneyCare" and his former stances on abortion (pro choice). but FORMER is the key word. he is doing all he can to separate his current self from his old self. i have SOME sympathy for him.. he has been in politics since the 80s, its not improbably that he would change his stance in the interim. but FLIP FLOP is the worst label in politics.

since everyone is extremely conservative, im not entirely sure what else it can boil down to...  we hear all the time you vote for someone "you could see yourself having a beer with" and although while two of the candidates are mormon, i think it applies to this crowd.

for the most part we want to hang out with people that think the way we think, believe what we believe... and the "we" in this case is the Republican base, because the base is who turns out to vote in the primaries.

in that case, i think perry, although the arguable front-runner (along with mitt romney) is in trouble. although he has the hoke-y appeal that woos Republicans, he is a former Democrat, and is going to have a hard time disassociating himself with the HVP shot for young girls, executive order. Not only is it an intrusion on individual liberties, evidence now suggests the organization given the responsibility to provide the vaccine has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Perry's campaign.

i actually think bachmann probably has the most personal appeal, but lacks the perception of experience, and is a woman, which unfortunately does not work to her advantage--its not her fault--centuries of patriarchy, girl!! but you're helping break it down. if perry had never entered the race, i think she would still be a serious contender. but i think her and perry appeal to the same lot, and he seems to have won them over... for now.

romney probably has the best name recognition--this isnt his first rodeo. and name recognition is name recognition. so although a lot of the time romney's name is associated with negative adjectives, his name is still out there... and someone once said "there is no such thing as bad publicity." but paul has also ran for the nomination many many times before. what separates them, in my opinion, is that paul is a libertarian, and although some aspects of libertarianism appeal to Republicans, others do not. i also dont think he has the coffers full o cash that are necessary to run a successful campaign in 2011.

if romney gets the nomination, it would really break down a lot of theories that suggest the most ideological candidate wins... but probably pad theories that suggest its about money and resources. he has a lot of that ca$h money$

k, im pretty invested in this primary season, so ill keep watching and blogging... even though ultimately i see an obama white house in 2012.