Monday, July 18, 2011


yesterday the mayor of los angeles was all over the airwaves praising los angelinos for coming together... by staying home. indeed!! the city avoided a carpocalypse, and the construction on the 405 went off without a hitch.

while going west did scare me, given the warnings etc., matt convinced me to go north... to 6 flags! suspecting that others would also share my anxiety about driving and thus, the roads would be clear and the lines would be short, it might be the best shot for a relaxing weekend at an otherwise hectic theme park.

SO WE HEADED TO SIX FLAGS! we are renegades, i know. we go against the status quo, ya'll!

i had never been so i was pretty excited to ride some EPIC 'COASTERS. the experience did not disappoint.

first, we rode the goliath which begins with a 250 foot drop. i thought i was going to fall forward out of my seat, IT WAS SO STEEP. after the descent my eyes went fuzzy and black!! but i recovered and was able to enjoy some rides in their DC park, like The Riddler, and Batman. and spend some time with bugs and wile. e.

we also spotted THE FLASH and in memory of one of my first kitties, which we called flash because of her speed (and inability to stop before running into things) matt snapped this pic of me and the flash (and the green guy, too).


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the bachelorette IM STILL WATCHING

LAST NIGHT was week 7 of the bachelorette. week 7!! so to commemorate the event, ashley decided to wear 7 DIFFERENT backless shirts/dresses. I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THERE WERE 7 IN EXISTENCE in the world. well, she found them, and wore only backless things last night. so AWESOME.

seven weeks is actually a long time to be DOING NOTHING BUT SHARING ONE GIRL WITH OTHER DUDES. its impressive to me that only one guy right now seems to be going crazy. that guy is JP. unlike guys in general though, girls must love it when guys appear creepy insane for them. because on the group date (JP, Ames and Lucas) JP was a debbie downer whiney whitney, and not at all cute and fun. granted, the date WAS WEDDING PHOTOS (wtf ashley, girl. how is dressing up in wedding garb for a photo session-with 3 guys at once-at all an idea one could EVER have???), but JP was super sad pants the whole time. the other two were good sports!! so she should have given the rose to one of those honkies for playing along with her sick wedding photog date. INSTEAD she gives it to JP after JP sat her down and told her how hard it was for him to watch her with other guys bc he is crazy about her and its driving him nuts. in my opinion, ashley bases her affection for the guys on her deeeep need for the guys to want her at all times, so it seems she gives her roses based on who is losing interest, or losing love-strength (i made this up), so they keep their interest and/or love-strength. i actually dont doubt JP's craziness for ashley. he is SO WAY INTO HER. and he got the rose. good job, cupcake!

so since it seems i am not doing this chronologically, and instead just focusing on the guys, can we talk about AMES? i thought ames was suppose to be high-functioning. he has all those advanced degrees from pristigious colleges. but he is barely articulate, and sounds like he gets kicked in the face each episode, and not just when the guys were boxing in thialand. well, regardless of what i see as a severe stroke, ashley kept him around. here are the top 4 that are left (from left to right, top to bottom: JP, Ames, Ben and Constantine):

she gave ryan the boot, as i expected. i had to mute their date when he was explaining water heaters. it was so painful. when she told him he was perfect, but not perfect for her he was super sad and gave a look with the craziest/saddest eyes ive ever seen (see below). then he went off to swear and kick the air in a Taiwanese forest. sorry mister!!

he wants "real love. real, never-ending love." "i want someone who wants to do great things. and will be a great mother. and i'll be a great dad. and i will be (voice cracks) someday. someday. someday i will be. i will be." SADDDD.

alright, so lets talk about Constantine. im feeling guilty because the only reason i picked Constantine to be in my top 8 was because at the beginning of the season the show previewed episodes from later dates and his hair is long and curly, and i just made this pick based on the image of her with a long curly-haired guy from a home town date. IM SUCH A SLEUTH. well, he is the most skeptical about the "process" and "journey" that is a tv dating/marriage reality show. he is cool, i guess, but i think his skepticism is what is most appealing about him, to ashley. oh, but she did say that physically he is the closest to her "type." tall, pale, a bit squishy, with long curly-hair is ashley's type, e'rybody.

last, Ben is still around. he is really handsome, and i think has the best personality and style of all the guys. if i didnt have the cutest best looking boyf, i would say "he is cute!" but i dont think ashley is his type. he is too trendy and cool, and she is sooooo mervyn's.

ALRIGHT, so 4 guys left. JP, Ames, Constantine and Ben. next week they take ashley home. no way my parents would ever take part in such craziness. but i will watch, next week, for sure.

whine and cheese

im in a complaining mood, so just let me do this:

i hate responding to students' emails. it just seems so weird to have to acknowledge their bronchitis/boyfriend problems/car troubles. i dont even care when my good friends have car problems. i like my job, but definitely hate exchanging emails with students about these kinds of things.

the other day i was behind a truck full of wood chips on the 101, in the left lane. i wanted to chuck a lit match into the back of his truck. not because i was mad necessarily, but those kinds of teaching moments should be not be denied.

speaking of the left lane if youre going 65 or less, move over. and i hate you, seriously.

babies in a public hot tub is a bad idea. first, that poo in their diaper is like, cooking, and leaking out, and second, youre going to bake their organs, idiots.

k, i think thats it for now.