Wednesday, June 29, 2011

office politics

this summer i am teaching a course on public opinion at my alma mater; dont love the drive, but i do love santa barbara. the weather really is perfect. always.

this is the political science building. and contrary to popular belief, this picture was taken today, and not in the 70s.

i happen to love this building. when the department had the opportunity 2 years ago to move to the brand new building across campus the department was split... the newer faculty wanted new digs, where as the more grandfathered faculty members were comfortable where they were, and also have less time left in the 70s style building, so they wanted to stay. it was actually a source of tension! anyways, the old outnumbered the new, and our department stayed in this old building, whereas the comm and history departments fled to brand new offices across campus.

ellison is so quiet now! i love it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

bachelorette: week 5

**PLEASE ADVISE: formatting of this post is terrible. but the bachelorette doth not warrant excess attention beyond what is below**

i cant even believe i am still updating my blog with analysis of the bachelorette. but its just too good!! i skipped week 4, but here is week 1 where i make my (awesome) predictions, and week 3 for all the strangers visiting my blog for the sole purpose of bachelorette info.

catty remark to start: ashley needs a new wardrobe consultant. her style is terrible. shes a cute lil thing, but her style is like very mervyn's (see below).

but i wanted to write about what is an emerging pattern i am sure most people have noticed... i use "emerging" casually because as an astute observer pointed out to me after only watching one episode, the men are keen on telling ashley the tragedies in their lives, pretty early on.

granted, everything on the bachelorette is in fast-forward... you have very little time to make her love you; otherwise you get sent home... im just not sure i think its the best strategy.

this is west. his wife died after they had been married 2 years. tragic, right? plus his wife's family suspected foul play. how terrible.

this is Ben F. his dad died when he was 24 (4 years ago). he waited 5 weeks to tell her this, i think thats an okay timeline.

this is william. his father died an alcoholic. he told her on their first date.

this is the (un)masked man, jeff. beyond the tragedy that was his MASK for 3 weeks, this guy has been divorced, and had a brain hemorrhage. he has since adopted a 3-legged dog.

three other guys are divorced which is sad, but i guess not unheard of among young singles. and i am sure other bachelors have shared stories, i just cannot remember them right now. anyways, i think sharing tragedies is important, especially if they shapes who you are ... but some of the tragedies (like west's, who's wife died in the bathtub) and emily's from last season (who's fiance died in a plane crash) stir up investigation into the private lives of individuals who didnt sign up for the show from mags like OK! (and this blog). some of the accusations from stupid magazines might be characterized as slander (but im not a lawyer, so i dont really know if its technically slander; i could ask astute observer/lawyer). it probably leads to undue duress for an already affected family. such can be the life of a reality tv star, and associated with one, i suppose. WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

next, a personal (unfortunate?) success to report: so far my picks are sticking it out! in the last 2 weeks, my 7 remaining guys are still remaining. but i think ryan (top right) is on his way out. he gets weirder and creepier every week. he was definitely too good to be true the first week when he got the first impression rose. now he is wacky and the other guys do not like him, and its not bc he is competition. its bc he is wacky and creepy. so i think he will be the next to get kicked off.

k im bored with this post. xoxo gg

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

our man mitt.

since its my summer vacation, ive had some time to watch the newz. and one of the themes of the lawrence o'donnell and rachel maddow block of MSNBC is "tear down mItt romney".

the approach is really odd. o'donnell, for instance, takes on romney by calling him a super liberal, and highlighting his more "liberal" (um, common sense?) views of global warming. tonight, he highlighted this quote from romney:

I believe the world is getting warmer, and I believe that humans have contributed to that...It's important for us to reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases that may be significant contributors.

wow, that's really damning (insert sarcasm).

i guess it IS news that romney doesn't toe the tea party line, but it feels more like o'donnell is nervous that romney could give obama a run for his money.

unfortunately, (because i would like a romney nomination, and subsequent cerebral general election, though i think obama would ultimately win) a more moderate candidate RARELY can emerge from the primaries, given that the most ideological among us vote in primary elections. usually, candidates have to appeal to the base during the primary season, and then slide back to the middle during the general election. mccain was the best at it... definitely a moderate prior to 2008, even sponsoring bills with democrats, he was able to appeal to the base in 2008, and win the nomination. but his nomination demonstrates how difficult it can be to get back to center for the general election... especially with a VP like palin. anyways, hire better strategists next time, senator mccain.

back to primaries, obama was the more liberal out of him and hilary clinton, and he won the primary. case and point. interestingly, the democratic primary of 2008 had one of the highest turnout rates EVAR. well, the more liberal of the two still emerged victorious, despite this.

blah blah blah, the point of this was to just say that odonnell seems really desperate in his attempt to dismantle romney's campaign... he is highlighting things that people like odonnell would appreciate about romney, on a liberal network, as a way, it seems, to convince himself and his viewers that romney doesnt stand a chance, among the base. maddow is similarly highlighting his "flip flopping" -ness. these are the same people that said it was unfair to call john kerry a flip flopper in 2004. yada yada yada, the pile on romney is not not necessary. romney will self-destruct, because he cant decide which mitt he wants to be. as a result, who do i think will emerge? maybe john huntsman. but the same problems apply, he just hasnt stepped in poop. YET.

lol poop.

Monday, June 6, 2011

week 3: the bachelorette

***SPOILER ALERT!! i reveal who goes home, below, so stop reading if you dont want to know, k?***

like i said a few weeks ago, the bachelorette on abc is my guilty pleasure. unfortunately, the current bachelorette, ashley, leaves much to be desired, personality wise.

shes just sooo insecure, all of her conversations revolve around whether or not the guys there really want to date her. yikes, gurl, have some self respect! fortunately for her, MOST of the guys seem really nice, so only one guy thus far has capitalized on her naivete.

that guy is bentley williams. he is the show's villain, and i wonder if he realized while he was on camera, throughout the show's taping, the repercussions being a huge ahole on national tv could have on his life or his family's life.

his name is a trending topic on twitter, and 1 google search of "bentley william's ex wife" takes you to her blog. oddly, or not, she hasnt posted since 2008... until last month. and now she has started a business (kid couture headbands etc) and its on her blog. so i guess she has decided to start blogging, again.

ps where are you going to take your child looking like this? k, im rude. sorry kid. youre cute, and dont deserve all those doilies sewed to your body.

go back far enough (yes, i did), and you find pics from their wedding. it is also clear from her blogging that they were engaged, and broke it off, but then eventually got married. so they were on rough waters from the start. anyways, i found this picture from their wedding day. if my husband is kissing me with his hand in his pocket after we tie the knot, ill punch him in the gut. what a dick.

anyways, this jerk bentley goes home this episode. and so does one of the 8 i picked to be the last 8, chris d. see ya chris, d.

my other 7 are still in the game.

alright! i am going to go call my parents now and apologize to them for funding my education, so that i might blog the bachelorette.