Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[[[ the voice ]]]

dammittttt. im already hooked. on the voice. a(nother) new[?] show that uses moderately talented individuals as a vehicle for semi-famous judges to promote themselves/banter/fight with each other. those judges happen to be Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. it premiered this evening on NBC.

what distinguishes the voice from its older inbred cousin, American Idol, is that image, style, clothing, age and appearances are not taken into consideration; only THE VOICE determines whether the contestant stays or goes. its a very clever title. but interestingly, the premise of the show, being that appearances do not matter, actually makes appearances central to the show. for example its really obvious that the bald headed lesbian knows the judges will eventually be shocked to see bald lesbian, and the 40 year old woman knows the judges are going to be surprised to see a 40 year old woman singing genie in a bottle, once (if) they turn around. well, whatever. the voice is just reinforcing our obsession with appearances. myself included. let it not deter us from partaking and criticizing.

back to the competition. how it works is that the contestants step up onto a stage and sing to the backs of the four judges. the judges can't see the contestants unless they (the judge(s)) hit their "I WANT YOU" button. once they hit this button, their chair rotates and they are face-to-face with the contestant. if more than one judge "WANTS" a contestant, the contestant then selects the judge he/she wants. judges vying for contestants spurs the banter and arguing we (AMERICA) love. it looks like adam levine and diva christine are going to be at each others throats. maybe they will get married. shes recently divorced and he likes females. MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.

the point of selecting contestants is so that each judge can form his/her own team of 8. this rule is really the only thing that incentivizes the judges to withhold from hitting their "I WANT YOU" button every time. for example, if the judge gets the first 8 out of the gate he is out of luck if better talent comes along, later. this rule also ensures that less talented contestants go home. if none of the judges hit their "WANT" button, the contestant goes home right away.

i cant totally understand why i like this show, while American Idol makes me want to do laundry, or hit my head against a wall. its possible its the judges. they are less washed up than paula abdul, etc., and thus aren't doing much pandering or sucking up to the audience. plus, i like the the country guy. he is soooo country. he isn't even trying to make people like him (this is what i think of all country people. they all have callouses on their hands and hearts, sorry cowboys). i can already tell christina is going to bug me, but cee lo is hilarious. in case you did not watch (i will assume you were doing other, more cerebral, things), cee lo was totally scamming on the younger prettier female contestants. even if the contestant did not select him as her coach, he would get up to give them a hug. haha. to woo contestants, Levine wagers full on campaigns. its pretty funny, though i think his hugs would also be persuasive.

in sum, i really need a new hobby. xoxo gg

Monday, April 25, 2011

trump for president, 2012!

lately it seems that every major news network is discussing a possible donald trump presidential run. since donald's platform at this point appears to be that Obama wasn't born in the United States, much of the public discourse surrounding the president has again moved to this issue. oh yay. im sure ill have more to say (blog) about the GOP primary, but for now i just wanted to post this picture of trump.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter

happy easter!! i hope you get to spend this day with wonderful people, and an acceptable number of easter eggs.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

the singularity

this semester at oxy i am teaching a freshman writing class. my objective is to make them better writers, so the topic was inconsequential; the writing program at oxy let me decide the course title. i decided to teach a class on nanotechnology in film, because i blah blah blah. anyways, a central theme has been what is known as "the singularity." the singularity itself is an event, and a point in time where technology and humans will merge, creating a higher form of life and intelligence. i actually think this is a nice interpretation of the singularity. ive heard it described less human-friendly. for example, much as humans improve from one generation to the next, so too do technologies. think iphone, iphone4. yet a generation for technologies is much shorter than a human generation. given these diverging rates, technologies will improve upon themselves at a faster pace, and eventually we (humans) will lose control of the tech; and the tech will control us. bummer.

what will the singularity look like? there are a few theories floating around. for sure machines will have artificial intelligence. the fate of humans, though, is less clear. we may be able to live forever by uploading our consciousness into robots, or we could inhabit a virtual space, much like the matrix, or if 80s is your style, like tron. we may also be cyborgish/bioic/hybrid thangssss. but i think its safe to say we still exist, whereas when i first heard of the singularity, i thought it was the end of mankind, and the beginning of some machine world, how dull. who will be prom queen?!

anyways, the singularity was the topic of stephen colbert's interview the other night, with Ray Kurzweil.

kurzweil is the most outspoken singularitarian, and thinks we will experience this event within my generations' lifetime. i dont know if i buy it, but colbert was surprising sober (relative to his usual behavior), i felt, as he interviewed kurzweil, so maybe colbert is a singularitarian. in any event, you should watch the interview. i am going to have to get ahold of the movie kurzweil was promoting, but at this point, i havent seen it yet, and ive heard its kind of creepy, in that kurzweil ends up looking kookier than he really is.

Monday, April 11, 2011

happy birthday, brother

TODAY is my older brother's birthday. here are some pics of us... as tiny babies, and then a bit older. the intervening years we sort of spent doing different things, but i love my bro, and think he is pretty badazz.

happy birthday, brennan!

Friday, April 1, 2011


as ive discussed in the past, i was born with some crazyyy brows.

what can i say,
I'm beautiful in my way
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way

well, using what i've got above my eyes, i recently visited Zoey Van Jones , a brow studio (a studio just for browz?1!).

at ZVJ a rad gal named lucchese gave me some supa fly brows, and i thought i would broadcast them, here.

yesss, i took these pics in my office. whateva. office hours were really slow this week!