Wednesday, February 23, 2011


here is some stuff ive been thinking about, lately.

students must think professors (all professors) do not understand the InTeRnEtZ. listen up kids, i know the internetz iz more than a series of tubes, so for the record, the following excuses aren't fooling me...(1) sending an email without the attachment on time, and then writing back (sometimes days later) saying, OH MY GOSH I DIDNT ATTACH THE ASSIGNMENT? here it is. WHATEVER, KID. i know you didnt finish the assignment on time. (2) sending me an email a week after an assignment was due saying "OH, DID MY EMAIL NEVER GET TO YOU? AH, WEIRD! AGHHH!" SURE, WHATEVER, but like, im not buying it.

does anyone else notice what seems to be an excessive number of terrible movies coming out this spring? I wouldnt see any of the following movies, if you paid me:
I am Number 4
Big Mamma's House No. 54 (or something)
Just Go With It
Drive Angry
The Roommate
The Eagle
Red Riding Hood

im really into chocolate cake, lately. NOT CUPCAKES, but cake. SO GOOD. so different from cupcakes.

i want olbermann back. and not on Al Gore's network Current TV, but on MSNBC. who else is going to call out glenn beck, and list the world's worst persons? my weekdays are so peaceful without him around, now. miss you, keither!

old navy commercials have never been so terrible.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


happy valentine's day!

i have always loved valentines day. i blame the "system" which gave me a full day at school to make a mailbox out of construction paper and paper hearts and stickers, to receive candy from my classmates. damn you "system"!!

this year a rad handsome guy planned a date for us, but unfortunately, i woke up feb 14th with a pretty serious case of what felt like the cold/flu (its been going around oxy).

after classes i went home and took a nap, and woke up feeling a little better, so i threw on a dress, and went over to rad handsome guy's place. he had made reservations (i know, right?? extra rad handsome), but we were feeling ReBeLLiouS so we didnt show (by rebellious, i mean ill since i still felt pretty crappy), and instead ordered a killer pizza and watched a movie. in addition to the movie, pizza, and pretty perfect night in, he also got me these gorgeous flowers (AS TALL AS I AM I SWEAR). these pics, taken by my droid phone (which btw i am asked on the daily if it is a sidekick [what am i, 12 years old??]) do not do the flowers justice.


happy valentines day, e'rybody. !!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


i realized something last night... an epiphany of sorts...

i realized that i can TOTALLY watch that kardashian's show (or THOSE since i think there is more than one) as long as i am doing something else while its on...


exaaaactly kim (or whichever one you are).


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

opposite blog/day

im not sure if im getting enough diet coke, lately.

i am really looking forward to nick cage's new movie, drive angry (IN 3D!).

i wish sarah palin would just announce she is running for president, already.

i dont talk about my kitten enough.