Tuesday, November 30, 2010

all i want for christmas...

...is this stuff.

sonicare electric toothbrush. BEHOLD ITS POWER:

the dyson d-23 canister vacuum. it looks like a small puppy.

a pair of close-toed platform heels for church. the higher the heel, the closer to God:

new toms. my other ones are sparkly and not always appropriate. plus the glitter is starting to be rubbed off cos apparently i waalk like a moron. also, they are starting to smell. ha/gross. these are the botas:

addendum: I am going to cancel my cable. thus i could use a few seasons of southpark, the most brilliant satirical comedy show ever made.

and last... peace, love and happiness. duh:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

shoot screen

OMFGAHHHH i know that this isnt new to any of YOU but did you know (if you have a mac) you can take screen shots? yea, man. just pictures of whatever you want on your screen. the magic keys are command + shift + 4.


screen shotttttssss!!!

i love you, shots of my screen. xoxo gg

Monday, November 22, 2010

fall play list

my (varied) fall play list...

laughing with, regina spektor
sparks, coldplay
crossfire, brandon flowers
marry you, bruno mars
buzzin', MANN
forget you, cee lo
hot toddy, usher ft. jay z
when it rains, paramore
dark fantasy, kanye west
runaway, kanye west
love and some verses, iron and wine
rhythm of love, plain white tees
fancy, drake ft. T.I.
they say, common ft. john legend & kanye west
white daisy passing, rocky votolato

kanye at 2010 VMAs

Saturday, November 13, 2010

facebook IMPROV

last thursday, pal shauna and i made some time to go to UCB los angeles, and check out an improv show called "facebook."

how the show works is that the cast selects an audience member randomly, to get interviewed. they use facebook to spark conversation, and they ask the audience member about their profile, pictures, comments and statuses. they then use that info to form improvised comedy scenes based entirely on the interview/facebook.

the cast includes some funny guys i had already seen on the internet tv show, shutter bugs, paul scheer and rob huebel.

sounds cool, huh?

well, lucky for me, i was randomly picked from the audience!

this is me being interviewed by paul scheer. im wearing sparkly gold TOMS if anyone is confused (AMAZED!) by my footwear.

they did a pretty fantastic job making fun of my tendency to speak in "meows," but mostly it was just hilarious. i loved it.

definitely gotta go back to UCB soon.


my friend dave. lookin good.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010


i am going to idaho this weekend to see my mom and dad, and extended family. its been YEARS, since i have seen a cousin. ANY cousin.

but i am especially excited cos i finally get to meet THIS BABY BOO!! my cousin's first kiddo, bodie jane.

BODIE, we are going to be best friends.

Monday, November 1, 2010

i love goldfishes cos theyre so delicious...

happy halloween!

ITS BEEN A FUN WEEKEND. my pal shauna came up with a great costume idea, and that is what you see, HERE. shauna, myself and lindsey are the cutest goldfish you ever did see.


x mer