Thursday, July 22, 2010

. . .

some things ive been ruminating over the last few days . . .

recently sarah palin tweeted (and previously said) the word refudiate. which i can only imagine is a mix up of refute and repudiate. thats interesting cos both refute and repudiate would have done the job (in both cases she was calling on groups to renounce statements said by members). yet by combining the 2 words that would have done a fine job of making her point she pretty much made a fool out her sef. i know she gets a lot of really bad press so i feel bad for her, but i wish she would go away.

i pride myself on being a scavenger. my bookshelf was once christy moe's, my bedside table belonged to marf, and my bed frame was a hand me down from my roommate in SB, caroline. that being said, i have no problem losing phones, crashing cars and paying for an inordinate number of parking tickets. i just wish my frugality would extend beyond furniture.

why am i the only one in my house who uses the medicine cabinet?

i really want to see the other guys. i think mark walhberg is great in comedies.

and lastly here are some things i am going do to as soon as i file my dissertation:
go outside
listen to my queue of SCIAM podcasts
read a newspaper
bake cookies
play text twist

Sunday, July 18, 2010

on why...

i dont carry a purse...

a purse is basically a garbage sack women carry around on their shoulders.

need (anecdotal) evidence?

today i decided to take a purse to church. usually i just carry a clutch (which can be seen, buried, in the image, below).

in just about 5 hours the purse accumulated a lot of things that otherwise would not have gone into my space-deficient clutch.

this is why i dont normally carry a purse.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

cant miss 2.0

about 3 months ago i made a list of my top five favorite things, slash cant misses, and must haves (from a strictly material standpoint). tonight i did it, again cos i love lists. here is my cant miss list for the week of july 4th (note: "freedom" is not on the list because its immaterial. and i am a material girl):

1. diet coke.

like duh.

2. sandstone soap from lush

not only does this smell like the mutha dang greatest thing in the world, the sand (obviously) exfoliates. nothing i love more than rubbing hard sand against my skin. frealz.

3. specialized bike frame

do you want to win stage 8 of the 2010 tour de france? ...thats what i thought.

4. hitched floral trenchcoat from topshop

this is not yet mine, but it should be. ps i frequented topshop when i lived in london, though couldnt afford much... but what i did buy (in 2005) i still wear. topshop, you timeless!

5. motorola E815

isnt she beautiful? since losing my blackberry i have yet to get a new phone. this baby right here is getting me through and letting me text back those of you who text me. i couldnt break this phone if i tried.

go! shop! you need this stuff! plus, obama has predicted an economic BOOM in the coming months, and we dont want him to be wrong, SO CONSUME, ya'll!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

:: lets go to the mall ::

canada. shopping. and robots. do i really need to do any more convincing to get you to watch this video?

Saturday, July 3, 2010


LAST WEEKEND i was able to go to mccall idaho to see my childhood bestfriend, kate, marry her beau, drew. it was a lovely wedding, in a beautiful setting, and was tons of fun.

but this was the 5th wedding for which ive been a bridesmaid... i know its not quite at the level of that loser katherine heigl (see 27 dresses), but i feel like 5 is a lot (also, unlike katherine heigl, no one ever made me wear feathers, etc...see below...)

although being a bridesmaid 5 times is a butt load, im not mad about it, at all. the truth is, i think being apart of friends' weddings is like the ultimate expression of love from both sides- they want you to be in their pictures that they will hang up around their house, and show their grand children 40 years later-and you are willing to stop your life for a few days to let them know that you love them back, and will try and look extra pretty for the pics that will eventually be hung in their home. its a nice little symbiosis of love.

so here i will pay homage to the 5 weddings i have been in since 2005....

2010 Kate and Drew Coyle, McCall, Id
met kate in middle school when she moved frm TX to idaho; def wanted her in my clique... but told her we already had a "katie" and shes been "kate" ever since. :)

2008 Kirby and Andrew Walker, Rupert, Id
kirby is my darling cousin, and i love her. her and andrew just had their first baby, a girl! bodie jane! they make cute kids.

2007 Jenn and Kyle TImmerman, SLC, Ut
I met both jenn and kyle at purdue. jenn and i survived grad school together; i would have died without her. they are expecting baby boy Max, any day, now!

2006 Dr. Sara Swoboda and Scott Falconer, Boise, Id
Sara has been my best friend since 6th grade. i love her, shes amazing. and she is an MD in Seattle, so shes wicked smart, too.

2005 Beth and Chris Gagne, Denver, CO
beth and chris were my besties at Whittier College. I actually had a huge crush on Chris when i was a silly freshman. Glad one of my friends snagged him.

they say its your birthday

i had my birthday 2 days ago (ITS MY BIRTHDAY?1?!!!).

i was in santa barbara for the occasion, but when i got home to huntington beach at 11 pm i was greeted by this:

i especially like that my ugly dolls have obviously been partying, even in my absence. i support this behavior.

to all my friends and fam that made my birthday extra special, THANK YOU! here is to the best year, yet.