Saturday, June 26, 2010

can i graduate?

although all of these photos can be seen on facebook, i want to blog some of my favorites. THANK YOU mikey c. and teen olson for being professional photographers AND for being my friends. also, thanks to jaime for a few choice candid babes, as well... all of my friends are angels.

my graduation weekend was a busyawesomefuntime. the weekend started early, when on saturday my mom, dad, and myself, along with a sheez load of my besties from HB caravanned up the 101 N to santa barbara. first, we explored downtown...

then we had a bbq at the olson's home. om nom nom.

the next morning, like the good kids we are, we headed to church... we went to church, AND had a photo shoot.

but not being the "great" kids, we went to 2 hours of church, and then hit the lawn for some bomb cupcakes for lunch from darling heather warren, from suziecakes bakery in newport beach, ca. THE VANILLA WILL KILL YA (boom, rhymes).

after "lunch" we headed to graduation!! hollaaaaaaaa, boiiii. THIS IS WHEN I GOT MY HOOD, YO.

and then we headed to dinner at the hendricksons.

it was a wicked cool weekend, and im so pumped to have it all captured on film...

but enough messing around, i gotta finish a few more chapters! eeps! xoxogossipgirl

Monday, June 21, 2010

june, you crazy

june is trying to MURDER me. its been so so busy, with mega crappy things and supa great things happening, nonstop-o-rama!!!!

June 1st missed my flight from duck beach to LA. (crap)

June 6th crashed my car (crap)

June 7th rented a dodge charger (vrooooommmmdoucheeeyy) (crap but kinda super)

June 11th - June 14th mom and dad come to town and we and 17 of my radical friends take a mini vacation to SB for my GRADUATION (blogpost coming soon) (supa!)

June 15th emptied my bank account for a new car (pictured below, id be lying if i said i didnt love him) (supa/poor)

yes'm its a V50.

June 17th -18th move myself and my 4 roommates out of 3000 sqft at 417 21st street to 800 sqft at 17th street (RIP 417) (crap)

June 18th - 20th my most favorite cyclist comes to see me (supa!!!)

June 20th lost ma' phone (crapppppp)

June 21st intern inservice at the nano center (REPORT TO THE CENTER!!) in santa barbara... meeting my intern as we speak; im very attentive. (supa crappy)

...and the maddness continues. tomorrow...
June 22nd - 27th ill be in IDAHO (mccall) to be a part of kate monroe's wedding. yay love.

two of my greatest friends, and the greatest photogs i know, christine hardy and mike cunningham were in attendance at my graduation, so i as soon as i have those pics in my hot lil hand, ill blog the heck out of hogwarts 2010 ceremony. stay tuned. EXPECTO PATRONUM!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

gracie gurl

its really interesting to me, that as my graduate career comes to a close, so too does my relationship with the babyboo that got me around. see ya gracie, gurl.

let me explain.

so, prior to heading off to the snowy, cornfield tundra of indiana, where i would attend grad school at purdue university, i went car shopping.

i was on a lot, wiff mom and dad, insisting i get a new car for safety reasons when i saw her...

a 2001 volvo v40, careening below an angelic mountain range, on an obviously perfect day (likely hyperbole). it was majestic, really. and was love at first sight. i had to have her.

so thats where it began. gracie, as i came to call her, and i drove to and from purdue university in west lafayette indiana and idaho for a total of 4 times! thats a lot of miles and scenery (if flat fields are considered scenery). whilst at purdue, gracie and i went to chicago on a bi-weekly basis to visit megan, so shes seen the mean streets of chi-town, for sure.

she then resided in santa barbara ca for 2 years, and huntington beach for a year. all the while serving as a portable library, housing books, and papers to boot.

so, i find it interesting that as grad school comes to an end (graduation is this weekend!) so too does gracie...

because as a "thank you" to her valuable service through the hell that is grad school, i decided to drive a trailer hitch through her left eye, by way of a freeway accident, on the 101 south bound, where a ford expedition, in the left lane! slammed on his brakes, and i slammed on gracies a bit too late.

i will miss you! now i need a new ride. im thinking this...

zooooom (zoom = super slow driving. ive lerned my lesson)

oh, and ps, im fine. got a tender spot on the top of my head where i hit the windshield, but im totally okay!
xoxo gossipgurl

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

kitty hawk

i spent my memorial weekend in duck beach, nc. north carolina! the home of the first flight at kitty hawk. below is PROOF!

(here i am with noelley and lacy in the atlantic)

so it seems only fair that i would be stranded here for almost 24 hours now, at an airport, unable to get up in the sky.

muther effing ironicccc.

pray i get into the air here pretty quick so i can be back west with my first and one true love, the pacific. love, meredith