Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

pro hoes

as my friends/family know, my brother works for habitat skateboards. as a kid, he wasn't quite yet big time, but skateboarding was all over my house. thats how you get to be big time, you know?

as his younger sister i ooo'd and aww'd at skate videos and boards, stickers and shoes. and i especially ooo'd over the skaters themselves. do you know what kind of hell these guys go through? the crashes aside, i wonder what must go through their minds BEFORE the throw themselves over the sides of buildings, or straight up 12 foot ramps. they are complex fellas and ladies. and it totally intrigued me to the point where i would read the skater mags, buy the skater shoes, watch the skater videos, put the skater stickers all over my notebooks, and definitely crush on the skater guys.

one day, i was reading (i wish like crazy i could remember the name but i cant) a magazine, and was especially interested in a letter to the editor about "pro hoes," and how obnoxious they were, with their fat shoes, and fat laces. pro hoes are girls that follow skaters around and hang out at competitions (especially at bigger competitions) and try and meet the guys, and, as the nomenclature implies, hook up with the athletes.

well, i was NOT pro hoe. i knew the lingo. heck, i knew the guys. i was NOT a pro hoe. but i could definitely pick out the pro hoes. my high school, MHS had a lot of skaters, and i could definitely pick out the girls in the hall that were pro hoes. t'wasnt me.

well, as it turns out (say whaa?), all sorts of sports have "pro hoes." and its likely they are obnoxious to boot, no matter the athletic acumen they fancy. and i feel super guilty, this weekend... because this weekend? i was a pro hoe.

...goes back to 2007, in my second year of grad school at purdue, where and when i met ryan--a cyclist for the boilermakers. he would humor me by watching colbert and stewart, and i would reciprocate by letting him talk to me about pros (dave zabriskie), bikes (bianchi, trek, scott), and races (did you know THE TOUR DE FRACE ISNT THE ONLY RACE AND LANCE ARMSTRONG ISNT THE ONLY PRO CYCLIST??). ..and then it happened. again... i was getting way into a something of which i knew nothing by way of strategy, or skill... but loved the athletes and the sport. k next...LOTS OF STUFF HAPPENS and forward 3 years, and ryan is in CA for the tour of california with two other riders from purdue, now with . luckily, we've stayed in touch. when he called and invited me to big bear for stage 5 of the tour of ca, i said YES! and dragged (willingly) my roommate colleen to big bear for my first trip to the lake/mountain and my first pro cycling competition.

when we arrive, i find that in the three years since seeing ryan et al. their love of the sport has increased exponentially... and so colleen and i listen closely, as they fill us in on the races (time trials, stage-races...), the racers (zabriskie, boonen, schleck), and the race (course).

the particular "stage" of this "stage race" we are watching is a 153 mile course from palmdale to big bear. all of that, IN ONE DAY. sounds terrible. almost as terrible, you might assume, would be waking up early to leave a cozy cabin to get a good spot on the road (a good sport is uphill, so the riders go by a bit more slowly and you get extra time to breathe in their essence). we waited here (our spot) for several hours. but do not be alarmed. we entertained ourselves by making signs for amateur racers riding the course (pic 1) and sporting free swag distributed by sponsors' cars (pic 2).

and then after hours of waiting, the racers came by, people went crazy, i took photos, and the boys did little to contain their awe--these were the best in the world, and we are pretty sure they LOOKED AT US on that hill, and maybe even read our sign. twas a good afternoon. after that...

crap, i was tired. so i went back to the cabin and took a 2 hour nap.

i woke up from my nap, and we all went to dinner. oh, but a french canadian (seen below) had given us a SOON TO BE VERY IMPORTANT TIP--the racers were not going to head to the next stage (LA) of the stage race, tonight. big bear was the longest (and best!) stage, so the racers were tired. plus, plenty had dropped out at this stage, so they were ready to throw back some beers before another night in the car.

with that information we thought we might get lucky and find some riders (well, we anticipated it would probably just be suits and sponsors) out at the bars, so why not try. so from dinner we went to...

where lo and behold we find ourselves in a room with all of the greatest cyclists IN THE WORLD, in one tiny (capacity 47) room/bar/lobby in big bear city california, throwing back beers and watching "the 5 worst falls!" over and over again on the Versus Network. needless to say, colleen, myself, and our friends were just as intriguing to them as they were to us; we were the only ones not with the group.

fortunately, prior to "the show," the purdue boys had versed me well on some of their favorites-including three time world champion tom boonen from belgium, and young luxembourg phenom andy shleck-because after 1.5 hours of glances, and eye-contact with shleck, he motioned for me to come over. AND SO I DID.


k, so i obviously didnt live up to the pro hoe name. instead, i went and sat next to schleck and the rest of the pros, and made jokes, talked about fans (especially told scheleck about the guy that had his likeness tattooed on his calf), and yes, MAYBE touched tom boonen's thighs (CYCLISTS = FIT, DUH), but other than that? we showed them how fun and rad CA girls, and pseudo pro hoes can be.

here is a picture of colleen with tom boonen (three time world champ from belgium) NOT living up to the pro hoe name.

but schleck was my favorite. hanging out with the 2nd place tour de france winner was really insightful. im not sure if its because perhaps his english is limited to pithy quotes, but everything out of his mouth should be written down in an inspirational quotebook for instance:

11pm me: andy, dont you think you should head to bed? you have to race in the morning!
11:01pm andy: (insert european accent) more people die in their bed, then anywhere else.

touche andy. touche.

the man is a winner. i love him.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

hey mama

wanna tell the whole world about a friend of mine
This little light of mine and I'm finna let it shine
I'm finna take yall back to them better times
I'm finna talk about my mama if yall don't mind (k.west)

my mom can still do tricks on the trampoline, prefers watching sandlot/little giants/matilda to boring films, stays up late when i am home and plays tetris with me, lets me sleep in, loves watching "chuck," and stands up for the environment amongst gas hogs, and litter bugs. she doesnt own a cell phone, 'cos thats annoying, and drives to see her own mom whenever she gets a chance. shes loves PBS, documentaries, and doing puzzles, or staying up late to solve mysteries.

i know you love your mom, but i just gotta say out loud here that i love my mom, too.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, JANIE! i hope i make you proud, like you do, me!

Friday, May 7, 2010

[ needs ]

we all know maslow's hierarchy of needs, right?

in the most modest sense, maslows hierarchy describes our motivation for action in terms of meeting a set of needs. these needs begin with physiological needs, and then security, followed by love and belonging, and then esteem. in short, as our most basic needs are met, we can then aim to satisfy a "higher" set of "needs" until we reach self-actualization.

im not saying its right (in fact i would be saying its wrong if i had the energy) but organizationally, i dig it... the idea that we have a base set of needs that need to be fulfilled, and once those are fulfilled, other needs, moving up maslow's pyrimid can be met. at some basic level this means you cant reach the top, if you are void of the base... at which point i take issue with the pyramid (AND DUH, IM LIKE THE FIRST PERSON EVER TO TAKE ISSUE WITH MASLOWS HIERARCHY SINCE IT WAS PUBLISH IN THE 40s. not). im almost positive that every smart person ever has found their most profoundednessiness (i.e. the creation of this word) to stem from the absence of integral "needs;" you trying to tell me john mayer comes up with those lyrics because he is esteemed by his exes? ps, no way MLK jr was feeling secure when he wrote "i have a dream." so yeah, what i am saying is you can reach "self-actualization" not only in spite of, but in light of needs unmet.

...but at a smaller scale, i think his idea/concept works.

and i think i especially like the idea, as a try each morning/afternoon/evening to write/regress/compute my way to a finished dissertation. there are just certain needs that have to be met for that to happen...the enlightenment... and here is my "dissertation hierarchy of needs"...

the diet coke wakes me up.

the spk makes me happy.

kanye gets my fired up.

naps let the dust settle.

at which point i finish my dissertation.*

*God willng.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

the hunger games

ask me what i have been doing for the last three days. go ahead...

IVE BEEN READING THESE BOOKS--the hunger games, and catching fire, by suzanna collins.

these books are the first two in a series of three (3rd due out in aug) that follow a young girl, Katniss, as she is plucked from her district and chosen to fight for her life in the "hunger games," which are scheduled each year as entertainment for those in the "capitol."

i dont think ive ever been so invested in fiction. its a bit disconcerting... how is it that i can be so wrapped up in something that isnt even real?

well, the love triangle has me in a tizzy, and the games themselves are a full of surprises. so, im hooked.

as i was looking for book images of the hunger games, i noticed that a lot of the younger readers (lets face it, for whom the books were written) have taken a stab at who they think should play the main characters in the hunger games if (when) it hits the big screen.

so indulge me a moment, as i play a long.

Katniss--amanda seyfried

Peeta--matt lauria from FNL

Gale--a young jake gyllenhaal

Cinna--joey gordon levitt

Haymitch--ian mcshane

Elfie--cheryl hines

Finnick--chace crawford

k, that was fun.

now i need to go recode data and stuff so i can graduate.