Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[ i finally managed to speak to her ]

I finally Managed to Speak to Her – Hal Sirowitz

She was sitting across from me on the bus. I said, "The trees look so much greener in this part of the country. In New York City everything looks so drab." She said,"It looks the same to me. Show me a tree that's different." "That one,"I said. "Which one?" she said. "It's too late," I said; "we already passed it." "When you find another one,"she said, "let me know." And then
she went back to reading her book.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

[ y u m ]

everytime i go to crushcakes in santa barbara after 430pm, they are sold out! if you all knew this is what they looked like after you consumed them, i think youd be less likely to buy them, and more likely to save some for me.

k thanks! xoxo gossip girl.

Friday, April 23, 2010

[ seattle , no i didnt visit you. yet. ]

thanks to google analytics, i can see who visits my blog. no no, like, it doesnt say "jaime p visited your blog 1248964 times on friday." but it does tell me where a lot of you come from.

unfortunately, i am not very popular in WASHINGTON STATE. WTF, evergreen state. EVERGREEN THIS!!!

BUT, REGARDLESS, i still feel like those of you who do call washington state home, YOU GOTTA GO SEE MA' GURL, IF YOU NEED A HAIR 'DO, at tousle salon.

SHES DONE SOME pretty amazing stuff to me. see? loads of versatility. and in at least one instance, i got lucky!

go see her. tabrina is her name, and shes the best. here she is, about to cook her cats.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

its grrrrrrrrreat!

i havent officially blogged it yet, but i got a full time teaching position starting in the fall, at occidental college with the politics department.


a lot of it has to do with it being the "politics" department, and not political science. how much more hip is "politics?" makes sense. this school ooozes hip; the hippest prez of all time, barack obama, the blackberry president, went here. and trust me, it is really obvious. the book store sells his books, and has him on their oxy t-shirts. i love this place, already.

i really do. ive been a guest lecturer there for some time now, and was able to teach there this week, on monday. i presented a paper two colleagues of mine, jess and mario, and i have been working on for quite some time, and then also let the students know i would be on campus next year! one student already asked me to be a faculty advisor for a club, i felt so cool (read: like a big sucker that will say yes to whatever).

but the best part of the lecture was that professor heldman introduced me by reading the "about mer" section from dis blog right here. its true what they say, i suppose. if you put it online, anyone can find it. despite being super embarrassed, and super sweaty as a result? the lecture went super.

I CANT WAIT to be on campus full time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

you graduate when you make it up outta the streets

look at that FACE (maybe not so closely at the eyebrows).

she loves to graduate.

AND SHE WILL, again!

my 5th* and final graduation will be JUNE 13TH, from University of California Santa Barbara. im really excited.

* 1-mary's preschool, 2-meridian high school, 3-whitter college, 4-purdue university, 5-UCSB!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


maybe every other wednesday i will share a poem.

this is another favorite. hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

billy collins, love (from nine horses)

the boy at the far end of the train car
kept looking behind him
as if he were afraid or expecting someone
and then she appeared in the glass door
of the forward car and he rose
and opened the door and let her in
and she entered the car carrying
a large black case
in the unmistakable shape of a cello.
She looked like an angel with a high forehead
and somber eyes and her hair
was tied up behind her neck with a black bow.
And because of all that, he seemed a little awkward
in his happiness to see her,
whereas she was simply there,
perfectly existing as a creature
with a soft face who played the cello.
and the reason i am writing this
on the back of a manila envelope
now that they have left the train together
is to tell you that when she turned
to lift the large, delicate cello
onto the overhead rack,
I saw him looking up at her
and what she was doing
the way the eyes of saints are painted
when they are looking up at God,
when he is doing something remarkable,
something that identifies him as God.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


right now i am reading the book, "nanovision," by colin milburn.

nanotechnology entails a way of seeing, a perspectival orientation to the world, that operates through a productive dynamic of blindness and insight. it produces a blind spot, a wall, a veil, a black hole, or a barrier and therein discovers a scission--between present and future, between human and post-human, between science and science fiction. but at the same time, even in discovering its own blindness, it sees through it toward the beyond. it breaches the wall, breaks the barrier, lifts the veil, and voyages into the black hole. it is a way of seeing that lyses the membrane between the technological present and the nanotechnological future.
i call it nanovision.

my head just exploded.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

[ word of the day ]

couch pens (kouch-pens)

1. pens i find under my couch cushions.
2. jackpot!

Monday, April 5, 2010

cant miss

im home sick with strep throat today (what am i, seven years old?!), and my brain is functioning at subprime levels.

but even an "off" meredith can make a list, so here are five things (consumerismly speaking) i don't go a day without.

(1) dusting powder (its not just for grannies, and babybums)

this is called candy fluff; you can ask my roomies...a dash o' this and you'll be gnawing on your own arm. candy fluff specifically has glitter in there. so if you are a boy you might want to go with "karma" or "honey beehave." a lil' about lush...lush is a vegan holistic humanistic company based in canada, but with tons of stores all over the world. the first time i went to lush was with linzi when we lived in london. if you live near a lush, you can probably smell it from a mile away; and it smells amazing.

(2) diet coke

eff you, you fizzy femme fatale!

(3) AMY'S no chicken noodle soup

i never knew there was(n't) chicken in this soup!

(4) blackberry curve

wait, you still check your email on your computer?!? ah, youre so retro.

(5) a treat. preferably a crushcake cupcake from the crushcake cupcakery in santa barbara, ca


so let us honor this capitalist nation! go. buy! this stuff with make you smile.

(ps i just noticed i really like cylinder shaped things. i wonder if that subconsciously means something...)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Graduate student conference lament

Downside to graduate school number [ 10* ] : associational conferences

If you are uncertain as to whether you want to enter the “academe”/ivory tower/be-a-professor, I suggest attending a conference by your second year of graduate school. This is where other pols (in my case, since ima pol scientist) come together and present work… but more importantly its where they mingle, make connections and contacts, eat dinner, and drink (if that’s your thing). These are the people you will associate with, and BE associated with foreverrrr. Better make sure youre down wit dat.

My very first political science conference was the Big Kahuna—the American Political Science Association (heretofore, APSA) in Philadelphia, PA. It was at the beginning of my second year of grad school at Purdue. Looking back, I have no idea how my paper was accepted. It was kind of garbage. But the premise was interesting enough… I was interested in the feminization of male presidential candidates by print media; think John Kerry as a botoxy Frenchman. And how could we forget John Edwards? Before he was cheating on his wife, he was the Golden Boy with $600 locks of hair. Neither of these guys faired well in 2004/2008 and I wondered if it was because of this feminization.

Well, idea of my paper aside, the conference, for me, was a mess. I scheduled my flight back for practically minutes after I was to present… so this necessitated that I would go first… and as soon as I finished I walked out of the room!! Are you kidding me, Mere?? What the heck are you doing? Now, as I think back on this moment, I am in a lot of pain. First, WAY RUDE. Second, not at all what conferences are for!

People complain a lot about conferences—the panels are often short on big names, and attendance is low. BUT conferences serve a lot of good purposes.

First, they give you a DEADLINE you have to meet, kicking you into gear. Second, conference attendees give you good and interesting feedback; attendees are genuinely interested and offer a unique perspective. Use ‘um! Third, conferences give you an opportunity to travel. Although pols rarely pick places like Lisbon, or Hawaii, we go for hip cool cities with bomb hotels. I LOVE HOTELS. Fourth, conferences are one of the few times you are in a hip city, with other pols, giving you the opportunity to talk random-effects-models and deliberative democracy with ANYONE, in trendy joints. I get a KICK out of sitting in a restaurant and hearing things like “reciprocity” or “interaction terms”, being discussed amongst people who were formerly strangers. What a unifying opportunity of nerdness!! Its magical. O_o

In short, conferences can be laborious, but they can also be bomb. Plus, I got these cool pics this weekend, at the Western Political Science Conference in SF. I love that place, and my fellow grad pals Al and Mario (plus Al’s wicked cool sister, Michele). AND FYI MY HOTEL WAS RADICALLLLL (thanks caroline and ian).

*"10" is an arbitrary number.