Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[ a p r i l 6 t h ]

today is NOT april 6th. but april 6th IS a favorite poem of mine. and i am going to share it with you...

April 6 -- David Lehman

She's a high-maintenance doll
at two in the morning when she starts
talking the pauses between your
answers grow longer she says
"you're not listening" you repeat
what she said she says "that's
just a trick you weren't really
listening" and before you know it
you're snoring in her ear a version
of "I Wished on the Moon" by Billie
Holiday and the moon slips under
the sea chased by a whippet
who is licking your neck ah fidelity
to wake up and she's still there
there is something to be said
in the favor of five hours of sleep
on this Saturday when the clocks
spring forward and you spring into
action because she wants her coffee
and no one else is in on the secret

Monday, March 29, 2010

bOyZ BLoWInG uP Our FOnEs FoNeS


recently, the national campaign to prevent teen pregnancy (in concert with cosmogirl gag i hate cosmo) released the results of a study they conducted in september of 2008 (N=1200 or so teens (13-19) and young adults (20-26)--ps i am stoked to still be considered a young adult). the study was a "sextech" survey, and asked participants about using different media to send sexy message, videos and pictures. the results seem kind of crazy to me. but maybe im old school. anyways, over 75% of young adults send sexy messages, and over 50% share sexy videos and sexy pictures. LIKE WHAT? (btw the extensive use of the word "sexy" is funny)

ANYWAYS, here are the ways one can talk (sexy) to me (or send risque pics):

myspace (yes i still have this, gross, i dont even want to check it)
google email
ucsb email
ucsb cns email
purdue email
google email x2
cell phone
home phone
idaho address
huntington beach address
ucsb office address
google buzz
google wave
(im sure ive missed some...)

shut the front door, am i right??

so really, its kind of an alarming statistic... both the high percentage of sexiness streaming through the airwaves, and also the number of ways you can send them to me.

the full study is here

Sunday, March 28, 2010

i [ heart ] ugly

What are the three things you could talk and talk and talk about? to anyone?

i like my dissertation topic. that would make my list.

i also like talking about the singularity (ya'll ready to upload yur brain onto a chip and LIVE FO'EVAAA??)

and the third thing on my list is... uglydolls.

LISTEN, THIS is an ugly doll.

not so ugly, right? especially in that scenic space. ITS DARLING.

the first time i ran into an uglydoll was in colorado springs, co. i was there for a volleyball tournament as a sophomore at whittier college. i was LOVE SICK (barf) at the time for my boyfriend, aaron, and wanted to get him a gift. as a team, we went shopping and stopped off at this place called wizard something-or-other. well, it didnt take long for me to fall in love with this. its an uglydoll. and his name is jeero.

whats extra bommmbbb about uglydolls, is each doll has a individual description, so they can make really sweet gifts if you want to try and match the description to the recipient. for example "Jeero wants to hang out with you. Why? He needs you. Jeero thinks life is so complicated, so he needs you to comfort him... Jeero just wants to sit on the couch with you and eat some snacks. Is that too much to ask?"

i really like eating snacks, so it seemed like jeero would be the perfect gift for ma' man. forward a year later, and aaron and i broke up. DANG IT, that ugly doll will never be mine (ours??)!!

in time since, ive started my own collection. and with the help of some extra special people (martha, mikey c., melanie b., erin b., mom, sara, colleen, meggo, kurt and jims), my uglydoll collection is extra big, and extra cuddle-worthy. its not weird at all. and you can check um all out, here.

Monday, March 22, 2010

the spice of life

they say
"variety is the spice of life."

...well there is nothing very consistent about me, or my life. i guess i am SUPER INCREDA-SPICEY! i change my hair, a lot. i move relatively often. and im moody like whoa.

i like to think its because i am a cancer. cancer, or the crab, lives in the inter-tidal zone of the ocean... its the most changing place on earth! but also the most nutrient rich, so we know what we are doin, ya'll. what is more, our key "planet" is the moon. that betch isnt even the same two nights in a row. alright, so ive established that cancers are prone to change.

and ive been thinking a lot lately, about consistency, and although as a cancer i intuitively reject it, i think id do well to cultivate more of it. because as other people say
"consistency is the spice of life."
here are a few things i can certainly be expected to do consistently:

drive fast
have pen and paper on my personage
get degrees
help you out in a pickle
eat pickles
make fun of wieners
advocate for obamama
drive a volvo (fast)

so its not much, but i think its important to have a few consistencies in ones life, even if you are a crabby cancer.

if you want to know more about your zodiac sign (aka pretty much legit relig) go here!

Friday, March 19, 2010

22 tv themes in 7 minutes is TODAY'S big thing

there is this website, i like it enough.

and today's big thing? BLEW MY FORKING MINDDDDDDDDDDD. who is this guy? youll want to know, too, in 7 short minutes...

Monday, March 15, 2010

[ (S)eMpaThY ]

its always amusing to me when someone comes to REALLY understand the difference between sympathy and empathy. they are then very deliberate in suggesting when they are sympathetic toward your problem (i feel bad for you, but i dont FEEL you), and when they are empathetic (IVE TOTALLY BEEN THERE, DUDE). do not let me pretension, as suggested by the use of the word "amusing", lead you to believe i think the distinction is trite. TO THE CONTRARY. I do not.

what i am hoping with this post is to garner as much as i can of either--i know ill find empathy from many of you, and sympathy from others as i detail a problem i am currently having.



but as you come to understand what conditions make for a good writing day, and what conditions do not, it SHOULD get easier.

as it were, I GUESS I LOVE TO WRITE WHEN ITS HOT! TOO BAD MY HOUSE IS LIKE A FROZEN ALASKAN TUNDRA. im serious. this house is cold. but my roommates HATE when i turn the heater on. fortunately, its over 70 degrees outside... yet i cant work outside, because its too difficult to see my computer screen in the sun. to remedy my (ridiculous) situation, i go outside in the morning and lay down on our patio furniture until i am boiling! THEN i come inside and write until i am cold. and i do this over and over again.

all that up and down isnt so bad; i would go crazy if i merely sat all day at my computer and wrote. so a break is nice. BUT a condition that is ESPECIALLY disagreeable to dissertating is having roommates at home. they talk to you, you want to talk to them, and NOTHING gets done. most of my roommates work, so this isnt a problem for me as much as it has been in the past... but if you find yourself in this situation, i suggest you put headphones in, or wear a perma-glare that will scare roommates/husband/wife/gf/bf off.

writing is also hard because i dont yet have any data. omfg stfu wt fuuuuh....

alright, so since i only have 1.5 chapters written, and no data, i cant really detail conditions that promote successful writing days... so this post is TBC (to be continued). i get my data in 3 weeks. THEN MY LIFE WILL BE OVER AND I BET I WILL HAVE A LOT MORE WHINING TO DO. but, for now, here is a list of stuff that currently deter dissertating (and to glean extra empathy, im sure these same deterrents vex those of you that work from home and/or at a computer):

comfy bed
dirty house
huffington post

Saturday, March 13, 2010

megans big day

megan is getting married TODAY!

this is her, and her bff colleen.

and here are some pics from the bachelorette party, last weekend.

Friday, March 12, 2010

excessive use of CAPS.

okay, so a lawyer, a doctor and a professor all walk into a bar...

sounds like the start of a terrible joke, am i right, or am i riiiiight?

well, it somewhat is.

so my bff KATE (lawyer) is getting married and has commissioned SARA (doctor) and myself (SOON TO BE PROF1?) to be her MOH (maids of honor). an honor, indeed. we have been friends since MIDDLE SCHOOL. it really is THAT astonishing. we are still BFFS.

kate was the debate champ, political science nerd, who also happened to make varsity soccer as a frosh.

sara was my most trusted confidante who also happened to be the first to get a set of wheels. we drove the hell out of that chevy cavalier--all over the greater boise, idaho area. plus, we made quite a few quick exits post-toliet papering in that whip.


well, ITS LIKE REALLY DIFFICULT. i wanna punch kate's lawyer friends in the face*.

*if you are one of kate's lawyer friends, it is likely i am not talking about you, specifically, but a different lawyer friend.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

[ triwizard cup champions ]

last weekend Pierside Ward in Huntington Beach hosted a dodgeball tournament. the theme was movies, and i was team cap'n of team HARRY POTTER. we actually took home the trophy, though our methods were sorely contested (should wizards be able to compete with muggles, pirates, hobbits etc given their superiority), but the trophy now sits on my mantel. have a look at some of the action. photos are by the handsome and talented mike cunningham.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

baby's got bieber fever and its ADORABLE.


IN CASE YOU DONT, i wish you did.

did what?

tweet, of course.

i wish you used twitter, not necessarily so you would read (MORE) about the lil' things in my life, but so that you understood what it means to "retweet."

quick twitter summary: twitter is where you post ish-a-roo, like "man, im hungry" and your "followers" see it. for example, i follow a funny lil' bean who says funny funny things, and makes me laugh all day. but not everyone i know follows her (their lives are bereft as a result) so i often "retweet" her musings.

when you "retweet" something, all of your followers get to see THAT tweet from the third party, whether they follow the third party or not. its a good way to share something with everyone, even if they did not hear it from the horse's mouth (bean/third party).

so why the twitter tutorial? well, because i think retweeting is a good idea, in both the twittersphere and in life. let me tell you why.

the men in my family are the best. they are funny, good looking, happy and successful. what they are NOT is vocal about their feelings. whatever. it hasnt affected me in a bad way, or anything. but often times i dont know what my bro and dad think of me as a direct result of their telling me. instead, it comes through my mom... she retweets it, of sorts, and it makes me day.

case and point (but first a little background):
my brother and i were happy kids. i adored him, and did everything he did. maybe at first he was flattered, but soon he got pretty annoyed. LIKE REAL annoyed. if i wanted to join in on a board game with he and a friend? "5 bucks, please." if i wanted to jump on OUR trampoline? "give me all of your halloween candy." in short... i felt like he hated me.
people would always tell me, dont worry, when you guys grow up you'll be best friends!

well, im now 26, and he 29. and i am CERTAINLY POSITIVE that when i saw him last, we did NOT "hug it out."

so imagine my surprise when my mom called and said, "brennan and i were talking, and he asked about you."
"oh? what did he say?"
"well, he just said he thought that you and your friends in high school were a really good class, and it makes sense that you are doing so well."

THAT WAS IT. but i think i almost cried. WHAT? MY BRO THINKS ABOUT ME, SOMETIMES? and what more, THINKS HIGHLY? it was all i needed to hear (via my mom, of course) to settle some of my residual insecurities regarding my brother and i.

in short, i think retweeting the good stuff is a good idea. and i think i am pretty good to tell someone that someone else once told me they thought they were great. who wouldnt want to know that stuff? ALSO I LOVE TWITTER, SO JOIN!

alright, that is the END OF THIS SAPFEST POST.