Monday, February 8, 2010

"Luke, I am MY father"


i think i am becoming my dad...

alright, so ive talked about my dad quite a bit on here. ...about his strategic and appropriate use of athletic quotes for motivation. and our genetic connection (which hardly needed pointing out).

but our similarities move beyond our passion for quote books and our facial features... and as i get older its only becoming more apparent.

shoot, luke. i AM my father.

first, my dad is a really hard worker. but! when the opportunity for a nap arises? he will take it! as i have made quite clear, lately. I <3 NAPPING. just like dad.

second, my dad used to drive me to school, really early, for early morning seminary. on the way, he would talk really low... i would always say "what?" or "dad, are you talking to me?" well, he wasnt. he was totally talking to himself! so martha, my roommate, has told me on several occasions lately that i am speaking out loud what i am thinking. shoot! just like my daddd.

next. my dad makes weird noises and sings songs like all the time. i wish i had video. but "neener neerer" is a pretty popular sound effect. theme songs often hummed? ...ghostbusters, starwars and batman are staples of his repertoire. i tend to sing songs, too. but usually they are "remixes." like, i will take a popular song and replace the words with whatever seems appropriate. are you making cookies, right now? well then, "my my my cookie face, my my cookies face. na na na."

fourth. my dad has a memory like a steel trap. his stories are renowned, you can ask anyone, but they are especially intriguing because he doesn't just say "my friend from 8th grade..." he says, "eddie harper on 4th street..." for a while i thought he was just filling in blanks and making stuff up. i was wrong. i think ive inherited my dad's gnarly memory. my dad and i both have a really good memory when it comes to faces and people. sometimes i think i creep people out because i can recall strange details from their lives (or facebook pages, gag). but i promise its bc i have a good memory. just see my dad, for proof.

lastly (for now) my dad works out, like a lot. an absurd amount, but any account. early in the morning at 530am he does abs, and other things that can be done before work on a living room floor. after work he goes to his "clubhouse" where he and other weightlifters throw weight around and watch fox news. after this, he comes home and rides the stationary bike. then, he sits down on the couch... at which point my mom says (loudly) "CON DONT YOU DARE SIT ON THAT COUCH UNTIL YOUVE TAKEN A SHOWER." because seriously. that stinks! anyways, lately i have found myself coming home from long workouts, sitting on the couch and then telling myself... oh crap! i AM my dad.

but the best things about my dad seem afar way off, for me. he does everything for me and my brother, and i can only HOPE to be as loving someday; everyone comes to him for advice--whether it be relational, familial or financial. he is a smart man. anyone would tell you that. so, i think its okay i am becoming my dad...

..and today is his birthday!

happy birthday, dad!!! i love you!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

[ eev-uh-loo-shuhn ]

when i read others' blogs it always surprises me when people detail their failures; blogs are for recounting awesome adventures abroad, or new hair 'dos (maybe?). FML, on the other hand, is for the (anonymous) detailing of (mostly hilarious) failures. WHHHYYY on earth would i (or you) want to tell anyone-that-happens-upon-your-blog about terrible days of suckiness, sans anonymity? its against natural selection. you know, the process by which heritable traits make it more likely for an organism to survive and successfully reproduce? indeed, darwinian theory would suggest that by blogging you failures, youre doomed; after all, who wants to mate with a failure?? WHOOOO?

well, kiss it darwin. big fat failures, and even their AMPLIFIED ANNOUNCEMENT arent against evolutionary success. in FACT, i think its possible they make us more "fit."

alright, so now for the "failure:" so this morning i got the news that an article my colleagues and i had submitted to a (now least favorite) journal had been rejected. this was especially surprising because they had the article for close to 6 months (this is a long review processes, even for slower journals) so we expected it was a good sign (because it was not rejected out of hand); we also expected good news because that very article had been incredibly well received at the national convention for my discipline, several months earlier. in fact, it was one of the top ten most downloaded papers. ya, we thought it was pretty good and our chances we good. so we submitted it to a popular journal.

BUT today we got the news that the journal rejected it (us). neeeeedless to say, i was bummed. mostly bc it was unexpected. i wonder how pride and humility fit in with natural selection?

well, im blogging this failure bc it was pretty necessary. i think i was getting pretty lackadaisical in my researching process/overall commitment. especially with the good news as of late (i got a research grant and an interview at a college, remember??). so i was like, WHOA IM THE SHITTTTT. oh, ps meredith, you are not. your article lacks the necessary theoretical underpinnings and methodologically your instrument has weak predictive power. me: oh okay. thanks.

but now i am so ready to fix it, and work a lot harder in general. so thanks reviewers. i needed that kick in the pants.