Wednesday, December 30, 2009

see ya 2009...

its almost 2010. thats pretty nuts. the world ends in two short years. OMFG.

so im BIG TIME on new years resolutions--have been since birth (prolls). but before i list my new ones, i want to recap 2009... it was an interesting year.

so 2009 was the year of academic successes! field paper, check! dissertation defense, check! new business cards, check! original data, new papers, book deals (k, just one), and guest lectures to boot. i felt/feel like a reeeeal academic. now if only i stopped wearing toms, and bought a suit (gag, never).

yet 2009 marked the year of relationship fAiLurEs. i dated more than ever, and since i am currently single, it is obvious the dating failed more than ever.

i tried coaches, east coasters, capitalists, harvard med students, bourgies, impoverished grad students, handy-men, abercrombies, visitors, and locals. that is a long list, i realize this.

perhaps i need to stop looking all together.

k, see ya 2009. its been pretty good. said bye to santa barbie, and hello to new home huntington beach. met more and more people i adore and love, and still stayed in touch with the old friends, but dear. hopefully 2010 is marked by the same academic good luck. but see ya dating disasters!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

the hand raiser

you know that kid in the back of the classroom that always asks for MORE homework, 2 minutes before the bell rings, dismissing school children all over the world to embark on freedom? welp, i guess thats me.

take this personality test to learn YOUR defective personality type.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

[ friggin' genes ]

dear mom and dad,

you guys are pretty good looking folks.

why did you let my eyebrows get to this point?

(honestly, though, i have no idea how this is biologically/genetically/humanly/scientifically possible).

what i do know that my brother had 'em, too. as a kid other kids called him spock.

but we turned out semi-okay, so in your face spock-eyebrow haters.

Friday, December 18, 2009


im stuck in salt lake city for the evening.

flight from slc to boise was cancelled.

i dont even know why i am going home for the holidays. i recall, very vividly, that last year i wrote this in my journal: DO NOT GO TO BOISE FOR CHRISTMAS NEXT YEAR.

but try as i did, i was unable to get my dad to come to so cal for the holidays. he travels all the time for he was ready to not travel. but WHATEVER dad. i travel all the time, too.

this year i was in slc, portland, washington d.c., toronto, boise, san diego, san fransisco, manchester, ca, and santa barbara like 80 zillion times. EFF YOU, DAD! jk. [please note that stings "fields of gold" is playing if you follow the link) my dad is the shit. and can definitely beat up your dad.

alright. so this post was suppose to be about how i am stranded in utah. and it felt really weird to get with the other strandies and trek to the hotel, all angry, together. as one. it was uniting in its inconveniencing.

but now i want to talk about my radical dad (see below)...

he is the man. most of my memories of him from childhood are of him trying to cheer me up after a basketball/volleyball/softball loss. a fight with a coach or trainer. getting kicked out of TWO collegiate practices (once bball once vball)... largely sporty in nature, as you can see. thus he is always ready with a good sports quote, or piece of savant advice to pick me up. and it works. but as i have gotten older and my problems have moved from sporty to scholastic, the advice remains the same...yet somehow equally as poignant. here are some gems i recall, or found in old emails:

You will need to, as Olympic Swimmer Matt Biondi said "Stay eternally optimistic" (12.13.09)

you have the inner strength to not only survive but thrive. (10.02.09)

Just hang tough a little longer. (3.17.08)

You can only do what you can do. The rest we'll just have to deal with. It will all work out in the end. (10.08.07)

Just hang in there... [followed by] get your own news show. (8.20.07)

Gary Valentine, a very good weightlifter, has an opinion about rest. As you know, when I train my athletes, every third week I back them off about 20% in Volume and another 10% in intensity. Gary takes the third week OFF ENTIRELY. He wants to rest both his body and his mind and he feels that a complete week away from training has him looking forward to training again. It has served him very well and you could benefit from it as Gary does. (7.26.07)

The main thing is to just try and get some rest and not worry about the overall madness (3.21.07)

endure to the end [he stole this one from the mormon church] (numerous occasions)

people are going to do what they want, you cant stop them (over and over again)

Go hard or go home (non stop)

[plus] no pain no gain. [or as he liked to say] no pain no spain (1992 summer games)

less poignant, but still good advice:

You may want to try an insert in your shoe [pre marathon] (9/9/09)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009



[ ]

i was in portland for a few days this week visiting my friend kurt.

he lives in a gentrified bourgie palace, but its surrounded by the quaint shops and people i expected i would see.

though i was only in town for a few days i felt i did as portlanders do:
-hung out in an independent record stores
-bought a book from an independent book store
-endured endless rain
-played with a dog
-got a lip piercing (JK)

i dont think i want to live there, but that was a good trip.